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Cornell University study on aggression in nursing homes

A recent Cornell University study reports aggression is commonplace in nursing homes–between residents themselves and between residents and employees of the nursing home.  Verbal and physical abuse is more common than the industry acknowledges. In an online report with McKnight’s Long Term Care News, the study documents many observations made at a city-based nursing home

Woman sues nursing home for getting her arrested after she complained

The DesMoines Register has an article about a woman who complained about the care her mother ws recieving at a nursing home being arrested after the nursing home stated that she was “abusing” her mother.  This lack of accountability by the nursing home is astounding.  Trying to quiet the family of a neglected resident who

Texas manager threatened resident with a hammer

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has filed a lawsuit against a Fort Worth assisted living center, claiming its manager threatened residents with a hammer, withheld food and locked some of them out of the building at night. Abbott says the alleged abuse took place at the Oasis Village assisted living facility, located in Fort Worth’s

Serial rapist caught working at nursing home

There is an article in an Ohio newspaper that discusses an alleged rape of a male resident at a nursing home. After visiting her fiancé Saturday night at Concord Care and Rehabilitation Center, Linda Monegan knew something was wrong.  Unable to talk or see after suffering a stroke, her 55-year-old fiance nodded his head to

The audacity and arrogance of insurance companies

I realize that this post might be a bit off topic but it shows the arrogance of insurance companies and their contempt and disdain for the rule of law.  Nursing home attorneys routinely see this when the insurance companies refuse to provide nursing home records or when they state an elderly resident’s life is not

Anonymous phone call may lead to shocking truth of abuse

The L.A. Times has an incredible story that is far too common in today’s nursing home industry. Rita Kittower buried her husband last month.  She had bade a tearful goodbye to her mate of 49 years, who had passed away in an exclusive assisted living facility in Calabasas. “He just stopped breathing,” Kittower said she


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