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Poliakoff & Associates has a policy in environmental cases of rejecting the representation of companies with prior environmental violations. As a result, most of our environmental representation is on behalf of individuals and companies that have been injured by environmental contamination. We believe in providing legal talent to those who have been personally injured by exposure to toxic substances and contaminated property.

Our environmental attorneys have experience in the areas of toxic exposure and contaminated property, including groundwater and drinking water contamination, permitting and compliance matters (including governmental agency challenges), hazardous substance discharges, toxic torts, and other environmental cases.

We are qualified and have successfully helped clients who have been exposed to toxic materials in the workplace or home through contaminated groundwater, soils, or air. We give our clients individual attention so we can understand the whole breadth of any related injuries. We gather scientific data and utilize our understanding of environmental laws to protect our clients’ interests. We have also provided pro bono environmental legal representation to various national and local environmental groups.

We represent plaintiffs in environmental litigation on a contingency basis. If we fail to obtain compensation for your injuries, we will not charge you a fee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Environmental Law Cases

Environmental law lawyers Spartanburg SC victims rely on should be one of your first calls if you have suffered damages due to environmental crimes. Environmental crimes are when a person or company violates environmental regulations. Not only can this impact the environment, but also victims who stand to experience devastating consequences as a result. In many cases, environmental crimes involve the disposal of hazardous materials into the environment. It’s only natural for victims who have been harmed to have many questions, which is why we recommend contacting our firm, Poliakoff & Associates, P.A. for legal support.  

Why would a victim bring an environmental case to court?

A victim may pursue legal action for an environmental crime if harm has come to the victim. This could either impact a victim’s physical health or their property. This can result in significant losses for the harm that has resulted, such as medical expenses, property damage, loss of income, emotional harm, and more. Types of cases could include toxic chemical exposure, dumping hazardous waste, mishandling of toxic chemicals, groundwater contamination, falsifying lab data, and more.

What types of toxic chemicals might a person be exposed to?

Primarily there are three ways that a person can succumb to chemical exposure, skin contact, inhalation, and ingestion. Chemical exposure can have both acute and long term effects on a person, and as a result, damages can be substantial. These hazardous chemicals can come in many forms, including vapor, liquids, solids, gas, dust, fiber, mist, and nanoparticles. Examples of toxic chemicals include lead, radon, asbestos, carbon monoxide, mercury, carbon disulfide, and more. 

Who would pursue a case of environmental law?

Spartanburg, South Carolina environmental law lawyers often represent victims who have been impacted by environmental crimes. These cases can be particularly complicated, especially considering the responsible party may face criminal consequences. Victims of environmental crimes may be left to suffer severe and extensive damages such as physical harm, long term disabilities, medical expenses, and financial loss. Civil cases must follow the standard of proof, which is called the preponderance of the evidence. Evidence must be presented that supports the fact that there is more than a 50% chance that the evidence is true. Your lawyer will work with you to gather strong evidence supporting the case in efforts to yield the best possible outcome. 

How can an environmental law lawyer help?

When managing a case with so many layers, it will be important to enlist an experienced lawyer’s help. Environmental law is a specified area of practice; because of this, you will want to work with a professional who is trained to handle matters such as yours. Not only are we dedicated to this area of practice, but we are also passionate about seeing responsible parties face the consequences of their illegal actions.  

At Poliakoff & Associates, P.A., we genuinely believe that you deserve every opportunity to have your rights protected and receive the compensation you are entitled to. To learn about environmental crimes and the civil implications, we suggest that you schedule a consultation with our Spartanburg, South Carolina environmental law lawyers as soon as possible. 

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