Anti-Catholic Bigotry

Republican and QAnon Superstar Marjorie Taylor Green called Catholicism “Satanic” and Kevin McCarthy does nothing…again. Why are Republicans anti-Catholic?

Assault Weapons = Mass Shootings

In 2004, a federal ban on assault weapons expired. Republicans refused to support it. Mass shootings have since tripled. 3500 mass shootings. The Second Amendment is not a suicide pact. Zusha Elinson is writing a history of the AR-15 military style weapon used in most mass shootings. He notes that there were about 400,000 AR-15

Tone Deaf Idiot

The following is from Republican Lauren Boebert after the latest school shooting. Her lack of care and compassion about children getting killed in school by AR-15 assault weapons. But you can vote them out of office!

Gun Safety

AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM The New York Times had a great article by German Lopez on guns in America.  He argues convincingly that gun deaths are unique to America because of the number of guns and the inability to restrict use and ownership. The majority of gun deaths in 2021 were suicides. Nearly half were homicides that occurred outside

South Carolina Condones Neglect

McKnight’s had an interesting article about increased staffing levels in multiple states. It’s about time. As a nursing home abuse and neglect attorney for over 25 years, I can assure you unsafe staffing causes abuse and neglect. Fortunately, Kaiser Family Foundation’s analysis shows a dozen states changed their minimum staffing requirements for nursing homes. Five

Amen Beto

Everyone agrees on gun safety. Americans can do better. We can maintain our freedom and be safe.


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