McMaster Sued

The Post & Courier reported the lawsuit against South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster for his power grab forcing state employees working remotely to return to their workplace. The American Civil Liberties Union of South Carolina alleges the Republican governor’s order “disproportionately burden women, people who are pregnant, people of color, and people with disabilities.” The order

Doctor Murdered

South Carolina has a lot of gun violence. The New York Times reported that a gunmen shot and killed five people at home last week. The sheriff’s office on Twitter identified four of the people killed as Dr. Robert Lesslie, his wife, Barbara, and two of their grandchildren. The fifth person who was fatally shot, James

Demand for Quality

Skilled Nursing News reported a new and surprising advocate for safe, quality care at nursing homes: Investment firms! They are demanding better care because it will better guarantee their investment. Here are the demands they made regarding staffing: Adhere to best practices of safe staffing levels. Ensure adequate staff organization, appropriate working hours and protection

The Cost of Capitalism?

For-profit Healthcare People always complain about universal health care as socialism. They assume a not for profit health care system would negatively affect the quality of care. However, that does not appear to be true. For example, federal data shows that for-profit facilities were 18% less effective with preventing COVID-19 infections than nonprofit or government-run

Oversight of Private Equity

Ways and Means Committee The Ways and Means Committee had an incredible hearing about private equity ownership in the nursing home industry. The hearing, “Examining Private Equity’s Expanded Role in the U.S. Health Care System” included witnesses calling for transparency and regulatory oversight of the private-equity investors. New York University assistant finance professor Sabrina Howell testified

Brookdale Senior Living

Dumping and Falsifying Prosecutors in California recently brought suit against Brookdale Senior Living, Inc., the largest senior living facility operator in the United States. Brookdale gave false information to inflate their quality ratings according to California attorney general Xavier Becerra. The lawsuit against Brookdale Senior Living claims that the operator falsified staffing records in order to


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