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Category: Staffing

Unsafe Staffing Correlates with COVID

Unsafe Staffing and COVID Deaths. The Times Union reported on the New York Attorney General’s investigation into COVID deaths in nursing homes. The problem is short or unsafe staffing. The report released last month drew attention that staffing levels at nursing homes directly correlated with COVID-19 deaths. The profitable industry practice of insufficient and unsafe staffing

Video Footage of Neglect

KSAT reported on the tragic case of Rafael Armendariz at Golden Estates Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center. The family installed a Ring security camera in his room. This helped the family monitor his care. The staff gave timely updates on his condition. It worked well. Until the video footage recorded his death from neglect. Armendariz’s daughters

Related Entities

Self-Dealing with Related Entities The Washington Post had an incredible story about the infamous Brius chain of nursing homes. The largest for-profit nursing home operator in California is Brius Healthcare. Brius pursued a business practice of paying related companies exorbitant rates for goods, services and rent. While the chain diverted funds to related or affiliated

Sava as a Single Employer

The Montrose Press reported that the national for-profit nursing home chain SavaSeniorCare has demanded to be dismissed from a lawsuit.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the chain. In 2020, the EEOC sued SSC Montrose San Juan Operating Company, SavaSeniorCare Administrative Services and SavaSenior Care LLC as a single employer.

Safe Staffing Delayed

Lack of Enforcement WBEZ reported that, despite the nursing home industry doing a horrible job during the deadly pandemic, Illinois continues to delay enforcing safe staffing minimums. A 2010 law established minimum hours of direct daily care for residents. The industry ignored the law or falsified staffing numbers. A 2018 report by AARP ranked Illinois

Solutions for Caregivers

KXAN had an interesting article about solutions to help caregivers and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The article discusses solutions from health and design experts. These researchers from the Design Institute of Health have been studying the senior care industry. Experts suggest the first priority is to address burnout and low morale among caregivers in nursing


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