Category: Staffing

New Staffing Rule

Inadequate unsafe staffing is the single biggest contributor to poor quality care in nursing homes, and is a major, recurring issue in South Carolina nursing homes. A new rule from CMS establishes at a national level of a minimum total of 3.48 hours of nursing care per day, among other staffing standards. Anything below that number

Price Gouging

Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell announced a settlement with three temporary staffing agencies for price gouging. The chief complaint was that the accused companies charged nursing homes and assisted living communities rates that were higher than the maximums allowed by the state. The staffing agencies agreed to pay more than $260,000 to resolve allegations

Mariner Settlement

Mercury News reported California operator Mariner Health Care agreed to pay up to $15.5 million in penalties, plus $2.25 million in costs, if the chain continues to fail to abide by terms related to patient safety and staffing levels. In 2021, all 19 of Mariner’s facilities and the company’s corporate management were sued for unsafely discharging

Safe Staffing Mandate

The nursing home staffing crisis is a call to action for safe staffing levels in long-term care facilities for quality care for older adults. Nursing home residents are suffering because their facilities do not have adequate numbers of staff to care for them. Without safe staffing, the understaffing will continue with devastating consequences for residents,

“The Killer Nurse”

Pennsylvania’s Sunnyview Health and Rehab is the latest nursing facility with links to Heather Pressdee, known as “The Killer Nurse.” Pressdee, a registered nurse, caused the death of numerous patients she mistreated with insulin. Pressdee bounced from nursing home to nursing home, each time allegedly terminated or forced to resign. One of Pressdee’s patients that


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