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Abusing the Disabled

There is a special place in hell for people who abuse children, the disabled, and the vulnerable. The State had a crazy story of abuse and poor training at Thrive Upstate, a facility in Fountain Inn, S.C. Police arrested Pebble Artrevious Hill, a caregiver at the residential care facility. Police accuse the caregiver of abusing

Nurse Steals Oxy

Drug addiction and drug diversion for profit is major problem in health care especially in the nursing home industry. WYFF4 reported South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson had Brianna Michelle Hunt indicted by a Greenville County Grand Jury. Poinsett Rehabilitation and Healthcare in Greenville employed Hunt as a nurse. . The charges include theft of a

Unionize Nursing Home Workers

Unions = Safety The Skilled Nursing News reported that labor unions improve safety in nursing homes. Labor unions play an important role in improving workplace safety. A new study found that industry-wide unionization would save 8,000 fewer resident deaths. This true for nursing homes especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Health Affairs published a study showing

Consumer Voice’s Staffing Report

Consumer Voice issued another staffing report. Understaffing has plagued nursing homes for years. Residents have suffered due to insufficient and sporadic care.  The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare for the country the result of years of not investing in resident care.  On February 28, 2022, the Biden Administration announced it would be implementing a minimum staffing

Protecting Caregivers

New Jersey had a genius idea. Let’s protect nursing home caregivers by protecting wages and benefits. Often when a new nursing home owner buys a facility, they immediately lower wages and benefits to get an immediate profit. The new law requires buyers of nursing homes to preserve employee wages and benefits for six months. The

Supervise and Protect

Long term care facilities have a legal, moral, and ethical duty to keep an eye on the residents. They must protect them from foreseeable harm. Unfortunately, the industry betrays that responsibility too often. As a nursing home attorney for over 25 years, we see how this betrayal affects families who entrust loved ones to facility


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