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Competency and Quality

Inconsistency AARP’s Nursing Home COVID-19 Dashboard shows good and bad news. Across the U.S., the AARP dashboard shows a very uneven level of vaccination among nursing home workers. The good news is that in areas with high vaccination rates and vaccine mandates, the nursing home residents are thriving. The bad news is places with low

Money, occupancy, and staffing…

Occupancy and Safe Staffing The pandemic diminished occupancy rates. However, occupancy in nursing homes have been steadily declining since the late 1970s. Back then, occupancy was 93 percent of nursing home beds nationally. Occupancy should be higher based on demographics alone. Mark Parkinson is president and CEO of the American Health Care Association (AHCA). The

Throwing Money at the Industry

The federal government keeps wasting more money on the failing nursing home industry. After giving billions of taxpayer money to for-profit nursing homes that did a terrible job during the pandemic, we are gonna do it again. We are literally throwing taxpayer money to these profitable private companies. DHHS will spend an additional $25.5 billion

Texas as a Welfare State

Texas is pathetic. Texas nursing homes are the worst. Short-staffed, poorly trained, and mismanaged. Now, they need another bailout from the federal government. Texas is asking for $400 million more in federal coronavirus relief to address a staffing crisis. However, Texas already has $16.7 billion in American Rescue Plan Act money. Texas is now a

National Guard

The New York National Guard may save the lives of residents and the profits of nursing homes. The Guard will provide custodial care for nursing homes short-staffed. New York’s vaccine mandate kicked in for healthcare workers this week. All nursing home and hospital employees must get at least their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Inhumane for Caregivers and Residents

Inhumane Treatment Nursing home caregivers are burnt-out, frustrated, and ready to quit. Just 1% of nursing homes are currently fully staffed, according to a new survey by the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living.  Due to these shortages, nearly every nursing home and assisted living community is asking staff to work overtime or


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