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Safe Staffing Mandate

The obvious benefits of safe and sufficient staffing in number and competency is key to quality care.  Safe staffing means better quality and better resident outcomes. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services hired Abt Associates to research safe staffing. CMS will mandate staffing next year. Alan White, PhD is the principal at Abt Associates.

Profit Over People

Frontline caregivers accuse nursing home of saving millions by keeping staff below safe levels. Happens all the time unfortunately.

Updated Staffing Rules

CMS recently issued updated nursing home staffing compliance guidelines. CMS guidance on minimum health and safety standards is part of Medicare and Medicaid participation. Nursing home surveyors will use payroll data to determine compliance with safe staffing rules. The new standards will go into effect Oct. 24. The agency is examining ways to set minimum staffing requirements


Barron’s had a great article about an ongoing problem in America. The fastest-growing demographic group in the United States is senior citizens. The AARP says that two-thirds will need long-term services. More than one in five adults—an estimated 53 million—were caregivers in 2020. Caregiver is the most common occupation. As the number of Americans age 65+ soars

Staff Shortages

To maintain staffing levels at nursing homes early in the pandemic, the Trump administration waived a rule that limited employment for uncertified nursing aides to just four months. But to ensure better care for residents, the Biden administration reinstated the training requirement, effective June 7. Center for Medicare Advocacy reported many states allowed certification waivers requiring little training

Pay Increase for Industry

In April 2021, CMS announced that it would recalibrate PDPM pay rates.  Regulators announced in April 2021 that aggregate spending under the new model was unintentionally 5.3%, or $1.7 billion, higher than what it would have been under the old Resource Utilization Groups model. Last week, CMS published its final rule on Medicare reimbursements for long


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