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Category: Infection Control

Infection Control Funding

McKnight’s reported on the latest pandemic relief package. Half a billion dollars in funding will help nursing homes prevent and limit the spread of COVID-19 in their facilities. Infection control funds will support nursing home strike teams. Nursing homes have been petri dishes for infectious diseases. A Government Accountability Office report found 80 percent of

Strengthen Infection Control

When Biden unveiled his pandemic response plan with an unprecedented national strategy, critics complained that the rescue plan was too expansive and detailed.  Incredible.  Isn’t that a good thing? The new 200-page document calls on government agencies to “strengthen long-term care facility guidance, funding and requirements around infection-control policies.” Everyone can agree that nursing homes need

Legal Immunity

Fatal Neglect ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Recently, they had an incredible story about Palestine Howze. A nursing home refused to transfer her to the hospital so she died of a preventable wound infection. Now, her family cannot get justice. Palestine was a resident of Treyburn Rehabilitation Center, a NC

SavaSeniorCare Chain Sued…Again

Criminal Neglect As a nursing home attorney for over 20 years, I am (unfortunately) familiar with SavaSeniorCare.  This billion dollar chain has a history of poor care, short staffing, and allegations of Medicare fraud.  They do not operate in good faith. Once again, a Sava facility is in the news.  It is never a good

“I woke up in a free country”

The Atlantic had an article about the irrational belief that people should not wear a mask to prevent exposure to COVID-19. Now masks are hoaxes too? The woman in the video would like you to know that she is compassionate. She would like you to know that she understands “the virus is real.” She would also like


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