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How Safe is Your Nursing Home?

Vaccination Rates CMS publishes available information online on CMS’s Care Compare site through The purpose is to help consumers determine safety and increase pressure on facilities with low vaccination rates. The new features allow users to search for nursing homes by location. Users can select multiple nursing homes to display and compare the data

For-Profits Fail Again

Certified nursing assistants are unlicensed health care providers. They provide custodial care and provide assistance with activities of daily living. Activities of daily living include personal hygiene, transfers and ambulation, eating, and bathing.  They are often paid slave wages with no benefits. New research published in JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that CNAs are the least

SC Rationing Care

South Carolina health officials said a national shortage has forced them to begin rationing doses of monoclonal antibodies — a treatment used to help people fight off COVID-19. This is not a good time for South Carolina to ration care. The percent of positive tests is still more than double what the Centers for Disease

Omitted Deaths

The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study showing nursing homes hid thousands of COVID deaths. They omitted deaths before the federal government required reporting the number of deaths.  The study estimated the count is missing 12% of cases. The industry omitted 14% of deaths among nursing home residents in 2020. However, cases and

Mandate Safety

DHEC reported that more people are hospitalized in South Carolina from the coronavirus than at any point since the virus hit last March. The percent of positive tests (12%) continues to show the virus is spreading in the state. The CDC have said that the percent positive should be 5% for the virus to slow.

Masks Work

Studies and data prove that masks work. Enough about your “freedom” to spread a deadly virus. Wear a mask when indoors. It is necessary to protect children who cannot get the vaccine. Children ages 12 and up are eligible to get the Pfizer vaccine, but those younger are not. Several vaccine manufacturers are seeking FDA


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