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Coronavirus vaccinations at the nation’s nursing homes have increased. A sign of progress?  I hope so.  CDC reports that updated figures show that 25% of vaccine doses were given to residents and caregivers. Overall, only 4.5 million doses were sent through Trump’s Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program. Last week, less than 15% of the distributed


Unavoidable? I am sick and tired of hearing from the nursing home industry that the covid spread and deaths were unavoidable.  This is simply not true. It is an excuse that the industry is using to avoid accountability. How do I know? Because many nursing homes were able to avoid all covid cases. The Buffalo

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Expanding Access South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) announced that any South Carolina resident aged 70 or older can receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Pre-existing conditions no longer provides priority. Access is expanding. Hopefully, this will increase utilization rates. South Carolina has a 56 percent utilization rate. State officials want to expand access

Access to Vaccine

Asymptomatic Carriers Researchers found that at least 50% of new coronavirus cases stem from asymptomatic carriers based on study findings.  An analysis published in JAMA found that 59% of all disease transmission came from asymptomatic individuals.  35% of those being presymptomatic people and 24% people who never developed symptoms. The research supports a November study that called

Criminal Sabotage

Police arrested a pharmacist in Wisconsin on charges that he intentionally sabotaged more than 500 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. This criminal sabotage is unforgiveable. The police said Steven Brandenburg worked the night shift at the Aurora Medical Center. He twice removed a box of vials of the Moderna vaccine from the refrigerator for periods

By the Numbers

Delays in Administration SCDHEC reported that a whopping 63 percent of the state’s allotment of vaccines were sitting on ice – unused. “I ask that (SCDHEC) immediately make available to the public a complete accounting of the status and location of every COVID-19 vaccine dose that has been received and distributed in the state,” Gov. McMaster wrote.



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