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Accident or Homicide?

On April 9, Noemi Noto suffered head trauma after she hit the ground during the altercation with another resident at the Carmel Richmond Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. The resident died from her injuries three days later at Staten Island University North Hospital. The coroner and medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. Officials believe that

AI and Sepsis

Each year in the United States, sepsis kills more than a quarter million people—more than stroke, diabetes, or lung cancer. Currently, there’s no single test for sepsis. Health-care providers must rely on their own clinical impressions. The SIRS criteria identifies at risk patients if two of four clinical signs—body temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, white-blood-cell count—are abnormal.

Assault Cover-up

Cornelio Salinas told his family that staff at Solidago Health and Rehabilitation abuse and neglect him. The family installed a camera inside his room to discover the truth. On Oct. 2, the nursing home called the family to inform them that Salinas had fallen out of bed.  Salinas had injuries not consistent with falling out


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis chose to wear sparkling white, knee-high boots to watch storm clean-up. Bold fashion choice? The photo op where he wore campaign gear delayed Hurricane Ian relief efforts. He then called residents liars. Interesting way to get folks to vote for you. Still better than Trump…


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