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Angus King

Angus King is a well-respected Senator from Maine. He spoke eloquently about voting rights and the archaic filibuster custom.

Greed Kills

Greed and Staffing The New York Times published an incredible article about greed in the health care industry causing unsafe staffing in hospitals and nursing homes. In the Opinion Video, nurses blame profit motives and greed as the root cause of the nursing crisis. Chronic understaffing by profit-driven hospitals predates the pandemic. “I could no

Christmas Spirit?

Jared Schmeck says he is a good Christian who was just celebrating the Holiday spirit when he cursed at the President of the United States in front of his young child. The President and First Lady were on a friendly call with this Scrooge when he said, “Let’s go Brandon,” code for “f*** Joe Biden.”

The Skyline Saga

Profits Over People The nursing home industry has become a playground for corporate vultures. These national for-profit operators do not care about the quality of care, just profits. Money means everything now. The nation’s nursing home industry is “incestuous” and dominated by the Orthodox Jewish community. From the Lost Messiah website: “Judaism is founded on

Sexual Battery

The Pinellas Park Police Department disclosed that nurse William Ira Cease Jr. was wanted for sexual battery of a mentally defective person. Abuse like this is too common. The police accuse the nurse of sexually battering an elderly patient.  The Care Center has employed Cease as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) since April 2019. Witnesses


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