Category: Pressure or decubitus ulcers

Criminal Neglect

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson’s office arrested two caregivers neglecting to care for the wounds of two residents at Magnolia Manor-Spartanburg. The nursing home is part of the Fundamental family of companies. Fundamental Administrative Services and Fundamental Clinical and Operational Services manage and operate the facility owned by New York real estate multi-millionaire Murray

Unnecessary Amputation

Unnecessary Amputation NBC News reported the bizarre case in Wisconsin. Nurse Mary K. Brown removed the right foot of a resident at Spring Valley Health and Rehabilitation Center. Police accuse a nurse of amputating a patient’s foot without permission. Apparently, she wanting to display it in her family’s taxidermy shop. Police charged Brown with physical

Underreporting Pressure Injuries

Unreliable Data Health Leaders warned families not to rely on self-reported data. The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) established the Nursing Home Compare website in the 1990s to publicly report patient safety indicators for every nursing facility in the nation. Nursing homes self-report quality measures or clinical indicators to CMS. This data

Self-Reporting is Unreliable

A new study from University of Chicago researchers shows that self-reported data from nursing homes are inaccurate, unreliable, and, often, false. For example, nursing home operators underreport the number of pressure injuries in residents by as much as 40%. Researchers found that nursing homes self-reported only 59.7% of hospitalized pressure injuries between stages 2 and

Verdict for Infected Pressure injury

11Alive reported on a jury verdict to compensate Lucille Debose for her neglect and wrongful death.  Debose prematurely died from complications of an untreated pressure wound after Life Care Center of Lawrenceville accepted her as a resident. The lawsuit claimed the nursing home allowed or caused a hole the size of a hand to develop


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