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Self-Reporting is Unreliable

A new study from University of Chicago researchers shows that self-reported data from nursing homes are inaccurate, unreliable, and, often, false. For example, nursing home operators underreport the number of pressure injuries in residents by as much as 40%. Researchers found that nursing homes self-reported only 59.7% of hospitalized pressure injuries between stages 2 and

Verdict for Infected Pressure injury

11Alive reported on a jury verdict to compensate Lucille Debose for her neglect and wrongful death.  Debose prematurely died from complications of an untreated pressure wound after Life Care Center of Lawrenceville accepted her as a resident. The lawsuit claimed the nursing home allowed or caused a hole the size of a hand to develop


The Ledger reported that a Polk County jury awarded $2,118,000 to Sidney Gilmore. Gilmore was a nursing home resident at Oak Haven Rehab and Nursing Center. The jury blamed the nursing home for allowing or causing Gilmore to develop an infected pressure injury. Oak Haven neglected to turn and reposition or relieve the painful pressure.

Legal Immunity

Fatal Neglect ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Recently, they had an incredible story about Palestine Howze. A nursing home refused to transfer her to the hospital so she died of a preventable wound infection. Now, her family cannot get justice. Palestine was a resident of Treyburn Rehabilitation Center, a NC

Preventative treatment works to avoid pressure ulcers

We have numerous cases where a resident suffered horrible painful pressure ulcers because of the lack of preventative treatment.  The nursing homes always claim that the pressure ulcers were “unavoidable” due to the age of the resident.  A new comprehensive study disproves that claim. This article discusses the purpose and success of preventing pressure ulcers

Treatment of Pressure Ulcers

15. Treatment of Pressure Ulcers Treatment of Pressure Ulcers Clinical Guideline Number 15 AHCPR Publication No. 95-0652: December 1994 Foreword The incidence of pressure ulcers is sufficiently high, especially among certain high-risk groups, to warrant concern among health care providers. These groups include elderly patients admitted to the hospital for femoral fracture (66-percent incidence) and


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