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Georgia Allows Cameras

Safety v. Privacy? Jack Greiner is managing partner of Graydon law firm in Cincinnati. He represents Enquirer Media in First Amendment and media issues. He wrote a great article for the Cincinnati Enquirer about a recent Georgia case involving neglect at a SavaSeniorCare facility. The case weighs the safety and well-being of a nursing home

Sava as a Single Employer

The Montrose Press reported that the national for-profit nursing home chain SavaSeniorCare has demanded to be dismissed from a lawsuit.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the chain. In 2020, the EEOC sued SSC Montrose San Juan Operating Company, SavaSeniorCare Administrative Services and SavaSenior Care LLC as a single employer.

SavaSeniorCare Chain Sued…Again

Criminal Neglect As a nursing home attorney for over 20 years, I am (unfortunately) familiar with SavaSeniorCare.  This billion dollar chain has a history of poor care, short staffing, and allegations of Medicare fraud.  They do not operate in good faith. Once again, a Sava facility is in the news.  It is never a good

“A briefcase full of $100 bills”

SavaSeniorCare is once again accused of defrauding the government by accepting kickbacks, the original Complaint filed in 2015 was unsealed, revealing that the whistleblower who filed the suit believed the core motivation behind the scheme was revenge on a competitor.  The rest of the filings in the case remain sealed except for the original complaint, as

“Kung Fu Judge”

NY Daily News had an article about Judge “Kung Fu” Phillips who died at a nursing home as a result of neglect and negligence.  Prospect Park Residence – where Judge John Phillips lived for eight months until his death two years ago – refused to give him a diabetic menu and frequently missed giving him

Victim of neglect files lawsuit against nursing home

The nursing home staff found him in a pool of his own blood two years ago.  Clifford Ozen has suffered from seizures and decreased mobility sinc ethat fall.  The Senior Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center in Port Arthur allowed Mr. Ozen to fall from his bed.  His wife, Sharon Ozen, filed suit against the healthcare


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