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Solution to Staffing Crisis?

Staffing Crisis AARP published a fantastic report on how the labor shortage is affecting staffing levels in nursing homes. “Workers say their exits are driven by dangerous working conditions, poor pay and benefits, limited opportunities for advancement, burnout and the respect deficit for their profession.” Solutions? Many experts see immigration as the best way to

The Travel Nursing Agency Transparency Study Act

Price-gouging? The Travel Nursing Agency Transparency Study Act would require the Government Accountability Office to investigate staffing agencies. The GAO will study potential price gouging and “taking of excessive  profits” as alleged by the nursing home industry. The industry pressured legislators to investigate agencies for price-gouging and for “poaching” staff. The GAO will attempt to

Solutions Offered

I read an interesting article from Fast Company. The author, Matt McGinty, had a simple way to increase staffing at nursing homes. As CRO, Matt is leading and scaling IntelyCare’s growth by ensuring the success of its nursing professionals and healthcare facilities. Here are his suggestions: DATA ANAYLTICS Technology can assist nursing homes in analyzing data

Unsafe Staffing Continues

Nationwide Short Staffing Harvard University professor David Grabowski, said the term “nursing home” is misleading given the sector’s lack of adequate nursing staff. Seniorly’s analysis of unsafe staffing used staffing data from the CMS to compare states shows unsafe staffing nationwide. A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll found 70% of adults feel nursing homes and other long-term

Resident to Resident Murder

Failure to Supervise A Florida nursing home allowed a resident to beat and choke another resident to death. Who was watching? Where was the supervision? According to police reports, the Gold Choice Assisted Living & Memory Care called the Flagler County Sheriff Office after discovering a woman resident not breathing. She suffered facial injuries. She

South Carolina Condones Neglect

McKnight’s had an interesting article about increased staffing levels in multiple states. It’s about time. As a nursing home abuse and neglect attorney for over 25 years, I can assure you unsafe staffing causes abuse and neglect. Fortunately, Kaiser Family Foundation’s analysis shows a dozen states changed their minimum staffing requirements for nursing homes. Five


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