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4.1 Hours Per Patient Day

The Biden Administration will implement a minimum staffing mandate by March of 2023.  Direct nursing care is the aggregate time provided by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants. CMS, in a report issued to Congress back in 2001, recommended a daily minimum standard of 4.1 hours of total direct care nursing time

Profit and Care

Jean Greenwood shares her personal experiences with nursing home care pre and post-pandemic. Significant problems existed before and continue today. Greenwood emphasizes the importance of elder care since COVID-19. With family and loved ones at risk for COVID, staffing issues have lead to a crisis. Isolation and depression are indicators of neglect and abuse. It

Pay Increases Lower Turnover

“Pay increases for caregivers were long overdue. This year with all of the positions receiving increases, turnover rates are starting to slow.” –Rosanne Zabka, director of reports for Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service. McKnight’s reported nursing home nurses averaged double-digit pay increases this year. Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Services (HCS) released the 45th annual HCS

Safe Staffing Methodologies

CMS will establish minimum staffing standards. Studies have found a strong connection between staffing levels and care. Consumers and residents hope that the minimum will be at least 4.1 hours per patient day. Resident needs are then taken into account for additional caregivers. More than 3,000 comments on the proposed staffing rule will assist CMS

LPN Pleads Guilty

WYFF4 reported Kelly Morgan, 37, of Mauldin, pleaded guilty on July 21, 2022. South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson said the nurse is headed to prison after pleading guilty to several charges. Two counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance, neglect of a vulnerable adult, unauthorized practice of nursing and furnishing false or fraudulent

Waste or Fraud?

NC Health News article explains the typical problems wth nursing homes. Writer Thomas Goldsmith does a good job dissecting the complex organizational structures of the owner and operator corporations and management companies that control and mismanage nursing home facilities. Goldsmith describes this business structure as “byzantine” and wasteful. The owner/operators siphon taxpayer funds to related


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