Category: Staffing

Rape Investigation

Police arrested and charged another certified nursing assistant (CNA) for sexually assaulting two elderly nursing home residents at Bear Hill Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Wakefield and Knollwood Nursing Center in Worcester. The alleged assailant worked overnight shifts at the nursing homes. Apparently without any supervision. As a CNA, Wachira was responsible for changing, bathing,

Recognizing Change of Condition

McKnight’s reported that new research by University of Missouri shows that 11 providers were able to recapture $32 million in revenue by reducing avoidable hospitalizations. Full study findings were published in the latest issue of the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging. The new study proves that operators can reduce costs and increase revenues by having staff

Compassion Fatigue

Sick and Tired The L.A. Time reported that compassionate caregivers are now running out of compassion for the unvaccinated. One such caregiver is Anita Sircar. She is an infectious disease physician and clinical instructor of health sciences at the UCLA School of Medicine. She wrote about watching the deaths of unvaccinated patients for the last

Caregiver Assault

Police investigated a report of an alleged assault at Fellowship Manor nursing home on June 17. Julian Rosemarie Bailey worked as a caregiver. The caregiver allegedly assaulted a 91-year-old resident. He was charged with simple assault and harassment. The defense to the assault is that the elderly vulnerable resident was “combative” and therefore the assault

Second-Degree Murder

MyFox8 reported police charged caregiver Briea Askew with second-degree murder. Askew was taking care of a 21 year old female vulnerable adult with cerebral palsy. The patient was in a hot car for around five hours. She died in a hospital on Aug. 10, according to a High Point Police Department news release. Absolutely horrific.

AARP COVID Dashboard

AARP is gathering federal data as part of its COVID-19 nursing home dashboards, which are summarized in four-week periods. AARP said its latest tracking data showed only 60% of long-term care facility workers in America have received their COVID shots. CMS reports that 62% of nursing home staff are vaccinated. However, vaccination rates ranges from a high


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