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Florida Staffing Declines

Florida is a retirement mecca. However, nursing home staffing levels are declining, putting care at risk. The AARP Florida says Florida lawmakers need to do a better job when it comes to nursing homes. The influential group advocates for the elderly by sounding the alarm about nursing homes in Florida. “The legislature has made changes

Quality of Staff

Joshua Gaunt is calling for authorities to investigate The Ashford assisted living facility. A camera recorded a staff member assaulting his elderly mother. It shows the nursing aide berating 76-year-old Anne Brown, who suffers from advanced-stage dementia, as she seemingly refuses to get out of bed. The aide says, “Always sitting there with that dumbass

Staffing Shortages

The Hoptown Chronicle published a great conversation with Dr. Jasmine Travers, a gerontological nurse practitioner and college professor. She offers some insights and potential solutions to nursing home staffing shortages. More than 80% of U.S. nursing homes reported staffing shortages in early 2023. SciLine interviewed Dr. Jasmine Travers, a gerontological nurse practitioner and assistant professor of nursing at


ABC13 reported a caregiver employee was arrested for beating a resident. Patrick Ray Piggee is accused of savagely beating a man at a boarding home owned by Allstar Boarding in Missouri City. Piggee faces two counts of injury to the elderly with bodily injury and continuous family violence. The 75-year-old vulnerable adult was hospitalized and

Industry Continues to Decline

The problems surrounding nursing home care continue post-COVID. The USA Today article “Many Nursing Homes are Poorly Staffed. How do they get away with it?” shows these facilities are understaffed, place profits over people, and complaints are ignored by law enforcement. We continue to see a decline in the quality of these facilities being mandated


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