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Staffing Conversation

WVTF had a great conversation about staffing in nursing homes. The average nursing home in the U.S. has their entire nursing home staff change over over the course of the calendar year. This is a horrible way to provide good, quality nursing home care.

Role of Medical Director

Communication Skilled Nursing News reported in a recent webinar sponsored by MatrixCare discussing collaboration between physicians and nursing homes. SNFs are required to have a medical director – a physician responsible for coordinating care at the facility – by law. However, COVID showed improvement was long overdue. COVID is the catalyst for significant change in the

Care Infrastructure

Part of President Biden’s infrastructure plan includes improving the lives of direct caregivers. Biden proposed a $400 billion plan to support caregivers and expand access to home-based care. The plan will significantly increase Medicaid coverage of long-term care outside of institutional settings. The American Jobs Plan includes $400 billion for access to home- and community-based services

Caregiver Death Rate

The Scientific American lists the most dangerous jobs in America every year. They recently released the list for 2020. One of the deadliest professions was caring for vulnerable adults in nursing homes. Death rates among nursing home staff ranked among the highest based on available data. Incredible. These caregivers deserve a living wage, benefits, and


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