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Increase Wages, Provide Benefits.

MarketWatch had a great article about the nursing home industries unsafe staffing problem. Among the reasons for the staffing crisis? Low pay, few benefits, and difficulty getting training. This is especially true for certified nurse aides who provide 95% of the direct care to residents. Hands-on certified nursing assistants do most of the work but earn

Workforce Housing

McKnight’s reported that workforce housing is a new way to attract or retain caregivers at nursing homes. Nursing homes can provide housing in nearby affordable apartments. Many nursing homes in expensive areas need to do this to attract low-wage earners. The latest to create this employee benefit is Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. Navigator Homes of Martha’s

Predator Unsupervised

The Salem News reported the sexual abuse of three nursing home residents at Brentwood Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. Investigators discovered the suspected nurse aide did not even have proper qualifications, training, or certifications. The facility never should have hired him. The facility failed to conduct a simple background check. Bueh was charged with rape in

Staffing Study

Nursing homes often fail to provide sufficient safe staffing. It is an issue we see in every case. A new study published in JAMA Network Open shows daily staffing stability is an indicator of  better quality care. Staffing instability is defined as the percentage of days with below-average staffing levels.  Nursing homes that keep day-to-day

Joint Employment

As a nursing home attorney for over 25 years, we often see national chains that control operations and siphons funds away from the facility through related entities. National Labor Relations Board established standards for joint employment that defines how nursing homes work with third-party caregivers. Companies would be defined as joint employers if they work together

Iowa’s Labor Shortage

Unsafe Staffing The nursing home industry has argued that unsafe staffing is a result of a labor shortage. Somehow, they argue, no one is available to work at long term care facilities.  The latest government data showed that 2022 was the second-best year on record in terms of raw job growth, behind only 2021. The Iowa


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