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Financial Shenanigans

The Conversation published a recent article from Charlene Harrington and Sean Campbell. It is an INCREDIBLE article that explains the problems with the financial shenanigans of the industry. See article below but please visit The Conversation. The care at Landmark of Louisville Rehabilitation and Nursing was abysmal when state inspectors filed their survey report of

Global movement of nurses

I have seen several articles discussing how immigration may help with the staffing shortages in long term care industry. Better pay and training with decent working conditions would help too.  While hospitals and staffing agencies say there is a shortage of workers, what nurses, unions, and researchers argue is that, rather, there’s a shortage of

Chemical Straitjackets

A new report corroborates what experts and advocates have known for years: chemical restraints are far too common in nursing homes. The report also looked at potential overuse of certain medications like antipsychotic drugs. Many residents do not need antipsychotic drugs for treatment or medical reasons. The staff administers the medications to make residents more compliant.

“Reckless Disregard”

CBS reported another nurse accused of diluting a nursing home patient’s prescribed morphine in 2021. Federal prosecutors indicted Nickole Butler who worked as a registered nurse at a skilled nursing facility in Illinois. “Patients deserve to have confidence that they are receiving the legitimately prescribed medication and not a diluted substance,” Morris Pasqual, Acting U.S.

Safe Staffing in 2024

Let’s hope for safe staffing in 2024. Happy New Year! Richard J. Mollot is executive director of the Long-Term Care Community Coalition. He recently said staffing problems have been created by the industry itself. The industry has been saying for years that they don’t have enough funding to hire staff,” Mollot said, adding that “sophisticated”

Caregiver Arrested

A Florida nursing home employee in was arrested and charged with assaulting an elderly resident under her care. Kassandra Aihe, 24, was arrested on a charge of battery on a person 65 years or older for the alleged incident that happened on Oct. 27 at an assisted living facility, according to an arrest report cited


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