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Be Careful in Cross-Examiniation

The Verdict is a 1982 American legal classic film directed by Sidney Lumet and written by David Mamet. The film stars Paul Newman as a down-on-his-luck alcoholic lawyer who accepts a medical malpractice case involving a young woman improperly given general anesthesia during childbirth at a hospital, after which she choked on her vomit and was left comatose. Galvin notices the admitting nurse,

“Cutting Corners” Causes Controversy

Journalist Sean Campbell has been investigating how non-profit nursing homes avoid public scrutiny by “cutting corners” on financial expenses. He discovered that residents at the Landmark of Louisville Rehabilitation and Nursing have been harassing other residents and engaging in explicit activities. The cultivation of these activities comes from the lack of staff and supervision, leading

Misfortune at Nursing Homes

A recent article at Politico reported the greed and failure of Atrium Health. The for-profit chain was forced to closed and transfer the vulnerable adults under their care. The older and vulnerable residents relied on the care of the home. Suddenly being relocated with very little notice is traumatic especially those with dementia. The Center

Tunneling to Related Entities

McKnight’s reported a disturbing study on how much money nursing homes divert to related parties with common ownership. Greater costs especially in real estate (20%) and management (25%) occur. UCLA and Lehigh University researchers found as much as 63% of nursing home profits in Illinois were hidden from state regulators using related party transactions in 2019.

Financial Shenanigans

The Conversation published a recent article from Charlene Harrington and Sean Campbell. It is an INCREDIBLE article that explains the problems with the financial shenanigans of the industry. See article below but please visit The Conversation. The care at Landmark of Louisville Rehabilitation and Nursing was abysmal when state inspectors filed their survey report of

Providence Chain Goes Public

Industry publication McKnights reported that Providence Group chain is going public. Providence Administrative Consulting Services or PACS Group, a Utah-based nursing home operator that has quickly become one of the nation’s largest, filed paperwork to become a public company. Founded in 2013, PACS now manages more than 200 post-acute facilities, most of them nursing homes,


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