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Telemedicine Fraud

The Department of Justice announced criminal charges against 42 medical professionals and other people for alleged $1.4 billion health-care fraud. Twenty-three doctors were charged in the illegal schemes. The cases involve the use of telemedicine services as part of the fraud. Telemedicine employs communications technology to evaluate and treat patients remotely. Telemedicine accounted for approximately

Record Price Per Bed

The average price per bed for nursing homes rose almost 22% year over year for the first quarter of 2021. Even as staffing shortages and low occupancy rates, profits soar because of the bail-outs and high reimbursement rates. Real estate investment trusts are active in the industry. DAC Acquisition LLC entered into a merger agreement with Diversicare

Health Care System Collapse?

Vox reports that hospitals are turning away patients in hard-hit Southern states.  Throughout the South, hospitals are reporting they have more patients in need of ICU care than ICU beds available, as the Times reported. Americans are being transported hundreds of miles from their homes because no nearby hospital has room for them. Some even died

For-Profits Fail Again

Certified nursing assistants are unlicensed health care providers. They provide custodial care and provide assistance with activities of daily living. Activities of daily living include personal hygiene, transfers and ambulation, eating, and bathing.  They are often paid slave wages with no benefits. New research published in JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that CNAs are the least

Vaccine Court

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Thirty-five years ago, Congress created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The Program reimburses children hurt by routine immunizations administered as a condition of school entry. The federal program compensates people experiencing vaccine injuries, but not injuries from covid vaccines. This program is known also as the vaccine court. The vaccine

Caregiver Support

Infrastructure Federal lawmakers negotiating a massive infrastructure deal should allocate funds for improvements in nursing homes. The industry is now looking for more money. Investments in technology, indoor air quality and energy backups will increase quality of care and future infection prevention and control. Nursing homes and other group settings were considered especially vulnerable to


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