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Telehealth Fraud

McKnights reported the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General has been investigating Supportive Care Holdings LLC and its CEO, Joseph Newmark, for alleged billing misconduct between 2019 and 2023. This company offered mental telehealth services to skilled nursing facility residents. Telehealth services have recently become very popular for seniors and

Tunneling Money to Related Entities

Expert Charlene Harrington raised concerns about future investments in the nursing home sector through a recent critical analysis. Harrington’s article criticized how operators like PruittHealth and the Portopiccolo Group prioritize cost-cutting and profits over patient care. They tunnel money to related entities for worthless or nonexistent “management services.” The industry has weak enforcement of standards with

Cutting Corners for Profits

Studies and investigations have shown that private equity owned nursing home facilities are “tunneling funds” to hide profits as fees to related entities or affiliated companies. These companies are common ownership or common control. Facilities claim they are broke but they are actually pocketing the money towards real estate and management fees. The taxpayer money

Administrator Turnover

Nursing home leadership is needed for quality of care.  Administrators are often financially restricted because tunneling to related entities making their job difficult. Turnover is a major problem in the industry. High administrator turnover rates place the facility at risk for mismanagement and poor performance in violation of 42 CFR 483. 70. Studies have found

Appearance of Impropriety

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas now admits Texas billionaire Harlan Crow paid for luxury vacations to Bali and an exclusive California club. When Thomas’ verified financial disclosures were released to the public, Thomas included a statement defending his acceptance of expensive gifts from Harlan Crow, a donor to conservative causes and MAGA supporter. Disgraceful. Ginni


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