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Prolonged Grief Disorder

Recognition Grief is a common, normal human emotion, and a natural reaction to loss. The New York Times had an interesting article on grief. How long should it take to overcome grief? Is there a “normal” time? Based on what? Grief typically resolves within 6 to 12 months. Some people continue to experience the symptoms

Ownership Maze

The Skilled Nursing News had an article about the difficulty in determining the real owners and operators of a nursing home chain. Identifying the difference between related entities including landlords, lenders and operators is impossible. Dr. Atul Gupta, an associate professor at Wharton, has found that understanding ownership arrangements for nursing homes is like navigating

Cost of Neglect

Costs McKnight’s reported that the average cost of insurance liability claims was lower for skilled nursing settings by more than $20,000 when compared to assisted living in CNA’s annual Aging Services Claim Report. The analysis provides insight into the claims and potential risk factors aging services organizations face. The costs include defense attorney fees, expert

Limiting Damages

Cleveland, TN-based Life Care Centers of America says it “strongly disagrees” with a recent Georgia verdict. After years of discovery and a lengthy and expensive trial, a jury compensated the victims $15.3 million. Unfortunately, Georgia arbitrarily limits the amount of damages a jury is allowed to award victims of neglect and abuse. The family proved

Corruption Breeds Neglect

The Advocate published a letter from Bruce Blaney explaining the corruption that leads to the abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults in long term care facilities. “The pandemic has revealed life in nursing homes to be at best risky and often lethal. Even before that institutional model killed 3,000 people during the pandemic, the legislative

Consumer Voice’s Staffing Report

Consumer Voice issued another staffing report. Understaffing has plagued nursing homes for years. Residents have suffered due to insufficient and sporadic care.  The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare for the country the result of years of not investing in resident care.  On February 28, 2022, the Biden Administration announced it would be implementing a minimum staffing


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