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DOJ to Retry Esformes

Health Care Fraud CNBC reported that the Justice Department will retry sleazy nursing home owner Philip Esformes. Criminal charges include health-care fraud. The Justice Department obtained an indictment of Esformes for the largest health-care fraud scheme ever prosecuted by the department. The department said the scheme spanned two decades. The amount of the fraud exceeds an

Report: Neglect at For-Profit Nursing Homes

200,000 Lives Lost Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 200,000 staff and residents of long-term care facilities have died from COVID-19. CMS data shows only 43% of staff and 57% of residents are up to date on their vaccines. Dire conditions inside for‑profit nursing home chains caused deadly, early-pandemic conditions inside facilities. The

Private Equity

Fierce Healthcare reported a well-known truth: Greed kills. Nursing homes owned and operated by vulture capitalists provide inadequate staff causing abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults nationwide. Residents at PE-acquired nursing homes also generate higher Medicare costs for more profit. Apologists claim that the industry needs private equity capital to operate facilities but that is

Custom or Standardized?

Custom service meets the clinical needs of the residents. Standard systems help efficiency and financial performance. Makes sense. University of South Florida researchers issued an interesting study. Kong is the principal investigator for the study, “Service Chains’ Operational Strategies: Standardization or Customization? Evidence from the Nursing Home Industry.” The Manufacturing & Service Operations Management published

Linking Investors and Nursing Home Quality Act

“The Linking Investors and Nursing Home Quality Act will ensure that there is transparency in who owns long-term care facilities, shed light on where taxpayer dollars are going, and ensure that nursing home residents and workers are protected.” –Rep. Jan Schakowsky said in a statement. The health news outlet STAT reported cagey nursing home corporate owners

Industry Gamed PDPM

Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) went into effect Oct. 1, 2019, and was the biggest change to the nursing home reimbursement system in at least a generation — replacing the previous case-mix classification system, Resource Utilization Group – IV.  Under RUG-IV, patients were classified into a therapy payment group. The volume of therapy services provided


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