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Expanding Eligibility

Expanding Medicare Republicans fought the creation of Medicare in the 1960s. They still oppose any government participation in health care industry. The problem for them is that Medicare is very popular. Most Medicare recipients are satisfied. And now Joe Biden wants to expand Medicare to more Americans. Biden’s simple and clear strategy is lowering the

Wrongful Evictions

Unsafe Discharges Skilled Nursing News reported that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) will investigate wrongful evictions and unsafe discharges. OIG’s formal work plan includes a probe into unplanned discharges. “A facility-initiated transfer or discharge of a resident from a nursing home can be an unsafe and

 The American Health Care Act would hurt Medicare

As part of Obamacare, the federal government increased payroll taxes to help pay for the Medicare Trust Fund. That fund is used to reimburse hospitals when seniors come in and need treatment. Trump’s bill does away with those new taxes. As a result, the Medicare Trust Fund would go broke about four years earlier than

Fraudulent Therapy

As discussed before, the real drivers of healthcare costs are not lawsuits, which studies by Johns Hopkins Medicine found are less than 1% of healthcare costs. The big costs are a result of fraud.  Kindred Healthcare, a large for profit chain of nursing homes, will pay $125 million to settle allegations that it billed Medicare for

“Chart Killers”

McKnight’s reported that Skilled Healthcare Group and a Nevada hospice that it operates have been charged with submitting “tens of millions of dollars” in false Medicare and Medicaid claims, the U.S. Department of Justice announced.  Management at Creekside Hospice in Las Vegas used the term “chart killers” to describe documentation showing patients were improving and

Nursing home loses funding because of neglect

Here is an article about a nursing home in Arizona losing its Medicare and Medicaid funding because of patient neglect.   This action is the only one the multi-chain corporation understand.  Government oversight must be increased and serious consequences of neglect must be felt by the corporations. Some Evergreen Foothills Health and Rehabilitation Center residents would have to be


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