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File a Complaint with DHEC

SCDHEC allows you to file Health Facility and CNA Abuse Complaints online. Health Facility Complaints To file a complaint against a health facility or service regulated by DHEC, submit the Health Facility Complaint Form. If you are unable to submit your health facility complaint online,  you can call our office at (803) 545-4370 or 1-800-922-6735 and indicate you wish to

Reforms proposed by Ombudsman’s office

The Hartford Courant has an article about proposed reforms in nursing homes by the Connecticut Ombudsman’s office.  I wish the South Carolina Ombudsman’s office would play a proactive role in protecting resident’s care and preventing neglect.  Below is a summary of the article. Connecticut’s long-term care ombudsman is proposing reforms in oversight that would protect residents

When can nursing home evict a resident?

Description of Federal Requirements The federal regulation (483.12) articulates rights that the resident has related to admission, transfer, or discharge, some of the procedures facilities must follow, and records they must keep. The definition of transfer and discharge here applies to movement to a bed outside the certified facility (including differently licensed beds in the


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