How to Fight S.C. Workers Compensation Denials

Workers Compensation Lawyer Greenville, SC

South Carolina requires anyone employing four or more people to carry workers compensation insurance. Workers compensation is a critically important protection for workers and job providers alike. It helps to pay the cost of injuries to workers while protecting employers against costly legal fights and potential judgments that might bankrupt them and put them out of business.

Any employee whose work duties cause that worker to suffer illness, injury or death is eligible for a workers compensation claim. The idea is to protect the worker and his or her family against the costs of workplace injuries – even in the event of a permanent disability or death. If you are a worker who is injured on the job and accept workers compensation benefits, you voluntarily give up your right to sue your employer for damages.

What Workers Compensation Covers

When a worker suffers an injury, illness or death while on the job, a workers compensation claim helps to cover the medical costs. Workers compensation also provides a level of weekly compensation based on the worker’s earnings until that worker can resume work duties. Instead of a worker losing employment and having to search for another job while recovering from the workplace injuries or illness. Finding a job while recovering from injuries suffered during the prior job certainly could render someone virtually incapable of finding work.

Workers compensation also provides significant benefits for the job provider. Instead of lowering a skilled and fully trained worker, the workers compensation makes it possible for that worker to recover and return to full work capacities. That saves the employer from having to hire and train a replacement worker who might not be as capable as the injured worker while also protecting job providers against costly lawsuits and potential court judgments.

Ultimately, workers compensation provides dual protection for workers and job providers alike with the state acting as an initial impartial jury and judge when disputes arise. A dispute could arise for many reasons, but the most common is an employer claiming the incident is not work-related. If you suffer a workplace injury and the insurer denies coverage, a workers compensation lawyer Greenville, SC, could be your key to unlocking the deserved compensation.

Legal Remedy for Workers’ Compensation Claims Denials

The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act provides a mechanism to resolve conflicts between injured workers and their employers or the employers’ respective insurers. The extent of injuries suffered, their causes and costs often wind up at the heart of most workers compensation claims conflicts. The South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission oversees and resolves workers compensation claims conflicts among insurers, employers and injured workers.

Workers who find themselves in conflicts over their legitimate workers compensation claims could benefit greatly from skilled and experienced legal representation. An experienced workers compensation lawyer Greenville, SC, workers can count on to help them to build and present the strongest legal arguments is a true asset. While no outcomes are guaranteed, an attorney who knows current law and how to apply it can help injured workers obtain their due compensation.

Do I Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

If you’ve been injured at work, a workers compensation lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina can help you get the financial compensation you need. Workers’ compensation claims get filed every day, and in most cases it’s an open-and-shut case. Most people receive an adequate amount of money for their medical care and lost wages, but others aren’t so lucky.

Workers’ compensation is an important lifeline for those who need to take time away from the office in order to heal properly. It can go a long way towards covering your medical costs, and it can also compensate you for a portion of any wages you might have missed while away from the workplace. But what happens when getting workers’ compensation isn’t as easy as it should be?

Workers’ Compensation Difficulties

A work-related injury is difficult enough to deal with when there aren’t overwhelming bills getting in the way. Without any financial safety-net, you could be paying for expensive procedures and doctor’s visits out of pocket, while missing out on paychecks that you were using to keep yourself afloat. 

Unfortunately, there are many instances in which people might not receive their workers’ compensation payouts without fighting for the money they’re owed. In some cases, an employer refuses to acknowledge that an injury occurred in the workplace, or the injured employee may feel intimidated out of seeking their compensation.

In the event of a work-related accident, it’s important to get medical care as soon as possible, and to inform your managers about the injury. When you pass on this information, make sure you get proper documentation for the accident – many companies file accident reports that are essential for your records, and the company’s. This information is necessary for claiming workers’ compensation, and it can place your employer in legal hot water if they obstruct your ability to get the medical care you need. Do you have a workers’ compensation lawyer in Greenville, SC that you can trust?

If you were injured at work, you should always remember that there is a deadline for reporting your injury. It varies depending on states, but in South Carolina you have up to 90 days to report an injury, and two years to file a claim. This may seem like a long time, but it can go by in the blink of an eye if you’re focusing on your recovery and your employer is rushing you to get back to work.

Contact Poliakoff & Associates, P.A.

At Poliakoff & Associates, P.A., we don’t think anyone should be intimidated out of the financial compensation they deserve. Whatever the nature of your injury, you should be allowed to seek workers’ compensation – and possibly even sue your employer if they were grossly negligent.

A work-related injury has the potential to completely upend your life, and depending on the severity of your injury you may not be able to return to your job in weeks, months, or even years. Workers’ compensation is your lifeline, and you shouldn’t sacrifice your chance at compensation – no matter what your employer might say.

If you’re having difficulties collecting workers’ compensation, reach out to Poliakoff & Associates, P.A. today, and see how a workers’ compensation lawyer in Greenville, SC can help you rebuild.



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