Commercial Litigation Lawyers Spartanburg SC

South Carolina Business and Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Commercial Litigation Lawyers Spartanburg SCIf you own or operate a business or commercial venture, litigation and lawsuits are probably a regular part of conducting your business. Disputes often arise with regard to the interpretation or performance of a contract. Competitors unfairly interfere with existing contractual relationships or wrongfully use trademarks, copyrighted materials, or advertising. Partners and shareholders disagree regarding the day-to-day operation of a business causing the business to be dissolved.

Whenever you face business or commercial disputes, you need an experienced business and commercial litigation attorney to protect your rights. Poliakoff & Associates has years of experience representing businesses in all types of commercial lawsuits. We represent individuals and businesses throughout South Carolina, including Spartanburg, Anderson, and Greenville.

Our attorneys handle most types of business and commercial litigation, including:

  •     Breach of contract
  •     Unfair competition
  •     Breach of fiduciary duty
  •     Tortious interference with a contract or business relationship
  •     Employment disputes
  •     Shareholder actions
  •     Non-compete and confidentiality issues

At Poliakoff & Associates, we know that good legal decisions make good business sense. Sometimes that means settling a matter before trial. Sometimes it means litigating through trial and onto appeal, if necessary. We emphasize a cost-effective approach to business litigation. If we believe settlement is in our client’s best interests, we will recommend settlement and use our negotiation skills to bring about the desired resolution to the conflict. If litigation is necessary, we will use our extensive skill and experience to help clients obtain full and fair compensation for their losses.

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