Property Condemnation

Property Condemnation Lawyers Spartanburg SC

Property Condemnation Lawyers Spartanburg SCThe law generally permits a governmental entity, under the power of eminent domain, to condemn and take private property for public purposes, but requires that owners be paid a reasonable value for the appropriation of their land. If you own real property that is subject to condemnation, you need experienced South Carolina condemnation lawyers to represent your interests and protect your rights.

The attorneys of Poliakoff & Associates are experienced in obtaining fair compensation for clients whose land has been taken for a public purpose. We represent clients throughout South Carolina, including Spartanburg, Greenville, Anderson, and the surrounding areas. Under the laws of eminent domain, a governmental entity may condemn and take property for a public purpose. When this happens, it becomes our job to ensure that property owners are paid the full and fair market value for their property.

Often the landowners and the governmental body differ on the value of the property being taken. Our law firm has extensive skill in successfully representing property owners approached with a condemnation letter. We are committed to walking the property to fully appreciate its value to you and to get a true sense of the land. Our firm has been in practice for decades, so we have a working relationship with most governmental bodies in South Carolina. When governmental agencies plan to develop highways, widen roads, add power poles, build parks, convention centers, or post offices, Poliakoff & Associates, P.A. can protect your interests.

At Poliakoff & Associates, we also have significant experience with cases involving hazardous waste. If you have bought property that unbeknownst to you contains hazardous pollutants, or if you are being asked to leave your property because of discovered hazardous materials, we may be able to assist in protecting your welfare and provide you with just compensation.

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