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Nursing Home Lawyer Greenville, SC

Nursing Home Lawyer Greenville, SCOur trusted nursing home lawyer Greenville, SC relies on from Poliakoff & Associates, P.A., knows that you may be surprised to learn that your loved one is experiencing elder abuse from people at their nursing home. In fact, most family members take a great deal of care to ensure that they are placing their loved one in a nursing home facility that will take care of their needs and help with medical concerns they may have. When you speak with your loved one and they indicate that they are being abused or neglected in some way, we understand that this news can be shocking and, in some cases, it may be hard to believe. Your loved one may have a history of exaggerating things or being dramatic, but we encourage you to always take an indication of abuse seriously. Our Greenville, South Carolina nursing home lawyer wants to help you see the signs of abuse. For more information on helping your family member, please call us now. 

Understanding the Signs of Elder Abuse

Many times, family members and loved ones do not see the signs of elder abuse. In fact, especially when it occurs in nursing homes, these people may have so much experience with elder abuse that they know how to hide it well. That is why we want to equip our clients with the knowledge to spot elder abuse, be able to verify their loved one’s story, and have an attorney they can call who they can trust. 

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If you would like to learn more about the signs of elder abuse in a nursing home and what you can do to prevent or stop it, please contact our trusted nursing home lawyer in Greenville, SC from Poliakoff & Associates, P.A.

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