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“Attempted” Neglect?

An Ohio news station, NBC 4, reported that a local nursing supervisor have been found guilty of attempted neglect at a Woodsfield nursing home.  What the heck is “attempted” neglect? Kathy Schwaben was employed at Monroe County Care Center when she neglected to assist an injured resident.  The resident was injured when she was a

“They will kill me”

The Naples News blog “Life in the Slow Lane” had a remarkably tragic story about a resident’s stay at a nursing home.  The author told the story of her brother-in-law’s horrific treatment at the hands of nursing home staff revealing the nightmarish situation that can be caused by neglect and blatant apathy. Diagnosed with Alzheimer

“Appalled by her disregard for humanity”

One of the nursing home workers who physically abused patients in Albert Lea, Minn. learned her punishment last month. Brianna Broitzman was sentenced to only 180 days in jail. She pleaded guilty to the charges in August.   It’s a staggered sentence where she will serve 60 days immediately and was taken directly to jail from the courtroom. 

“Crazy” Administrator may lose license

Vermont’s Rutland Herald had an interesting article about Leslie A. Whittington who is the subject of an investigation that alleges she interfered with medical care, did not keep records or adequate supplies on hand and attempted to intimidate her staff into either writing positive statements about her or recanting negative ones, according to a pair

Corporations take assets from bankrupt nursing homes

Interesting article from the Courant.com about a deal to sell the bankrupt Haven Healthcare nursing-home chain.  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said that Formation Capital, which owns Genesis HealthCare, notified the state that it was pulling out of an $85 million deal to take over 14 of Haven’s homes in Connecticut and 10 in other New England states,

Overmedicating Demented Residents

NY Times had an article about the overuse of certain medications in elderly residents.  Below are excerpts of the article. Ramona Lamascola thought she was losing her 88-year-old mother to dementia. Instead, she was losing her to overmedication.  Last fall her mother, Theresa Lamascola, of the Bronx, suffering from anxiety and confusion, was put on


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