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“They will kill me”

The Naples News blog “Life in the Slow Lane” had a remarkably tragic story about a resident’s stay at a nursing home.  The author told the story of her brother-in-law’s horrific treatment at the hands of nursing home staff revealing the nightmarish situation that can be caused by neglect and blatant apathy. Diagnosed with Alzheimer

Resident beaten to death

The Chicago Sun times had a sad article about an elderly resident beaten to death at a nurisng home.  The nursing home hasn’t explained how it happened or who assaulted the man.  Instead they are trying to blame the victim by stating he had “prior altercations” in an “other nursing home.”  So?  What does that

Texas manager threatened resident with a hammer

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has filed a lawsuit against a Fort Worth assisted living center, claiming its manager threatened residents with a hammer, withheld food and locked some of them out of the building at night. Abbott says the alleged abuse took place at the Oasis Village assisted living facility, located in Fort Worth’s

Sexual molestation at nursing home

Dothan, Alabama police have arrested a 68-year-old man and charged him with molesting a woman at the nursing home where he lived last month. Aaron Howell is a convicted sex offender.  Howell violated the state community notification act when he moved into Westside Terrace Health and Rehabilitation Center on Nov. 30.  During the month of December

Another sexual assault at a nursing home

In Moundsville, W.V.a.,  Police said a mentally handicapped woman was sexually assaulted inside a Moundsville nursing home. The suspect is Roy Reed Sheldon, 22, who was placed into a cruiser and headed to jail after his arraignment Wednesday afternoon. He sexually assaulted a 57-year-old mentally handicapped woman who was a resident of Dora Allietta Memorial

Sexual assault of resident

Here is a disturbing article about a common problem in nursing home facilities.  A Berea man was arrested Monday on charges that he sexually assaulted a woman in a local nursing home. Matthew Bryant, 25, of Old Walleceton Road, allegedly entered the Berea Health Care Center on Richmond Road in Berea. Police still aren’t sure


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