Another sexual assault at a nursing home

In Moundsville, W.V.a.,  Police said a mentally handicapped woman was sexually assaulted inside a Moundsville nursing home. The suspect is Roy Reed Sheldon, 22, who was placed into a cruiser and headed to jail after his arraignment Wednesday afternoon.

He sexually assaulted a 57-year-old mentally handicapped woman who was a resident of Dora Allietta Memorial Home on Eighth Street.   Police got a call over the weekend from an employee after the victim said Sheldon raped her.

A blanket covers the sign at the nursing home — and it turns out Sheldon is no stranger to the place. Police said he lives on the top floor and his wife manages the home. Sheldon’s wife no longer works there.

Sheldon is facing sexual assault, sexual abuse, and indecent exposure charges. Police said he gave a confession, but denies having intercourse with the woman.