Category: Abuse and Neglect

Investigative Report

Ames Alexander is an investigative reporter for the Charlotte Observer that contributed to Left Alone, an investigation into the nursing home industry in North Carolina. The investigation discovered a struggle to hire and retain caregivers causing nursing homes to endanger thousands of vulnerable residents. People are getting neglected and abused. Left Alone has 6 parts.

Abusing the Disabled

There is a special place in hell for people who abuse children, the disabled, and the vulnerable. The State had a crazy story of abuse and poor training at Thrive Upstate, a facility in Fountain Inn, S.C. Police arrested Pebble Artrevious Hill, a caregiver at the residential care facility. Police accuse the caregiver of abusing

Corruption Breeds Neglect

The Advocate published a letter from Bruce Blaney explaining the corruption that leads to the abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults in long term care facilities. “The pandemic has revealed life in nursing homes to be at best risky and often lethal. Even before that institutional model killed 3,000 people during the pandemic, the legislative

Passive Neglect

Passive Neglect Passive neglect puts care recipients at risk of serious injuries or death. The Patch reported a male patient, John Eschenbach, went missing from CareOne at Parsippany nursing home. The facility allowed him to leave the facility unsupervised. The staff failed to provide the necessary supervision to maintain his health, safety, and well-being. The facility

Fighting for Dignity

As a gerontologist and dementia behavior specialist, Eilon Caspi wrote a book on preventing resident to resident incidents. See his documentary called “Fighting for Dignity.” The film sheds light on the emotional trauma experienced by family members of residents harmed during these episodes in nursing homes. Resident-to-resident incidents are defined by researchers as “negative, aggressive


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