Category: Abuse and Neglect

Serial Rapist reported the damage caused by failing to report a sexual predator.  Serial rapist and certified nursing assistant Matthew Fluckiger terrorized nursing home residents in California. Between March 2017 and January 2020, at least four separate residents accused him of sexual assault. Fluckiger knew he could victimize with impunity. He told one victim: “I know

Bills on Cameras

Ohio WOUB reported that Ohio may be the next State to allow residents use cameras for safety and security. State Rep. Juanita Brent introduced a bill allowing residents of nursing facilities to use cameras in their rooms. The resident would post a sign on the door informing visitors they could be on camera. This is

“A house of filth, terror and death”

The Chicago Tribune reported the settlement between Maxwell Manor nursing home and whistle-blowers. Maxwell agreed to pay more than $1.6 million to settle a portion of a whistle-blower lawsuit involving allegations of extreme patient abuse and Medicaid fraud. The lawsuit remained under seal until Monday, when the settlement was announced. Under terms of the agreement, the federal government

‘This is our secret'”

An investigation at Sapphire Tucson Nursing and Rehabilitation nursing home began after a 63 year old resident reported she was sexually assaulted by an employee. “Obviously, you can’t trust anybody,” said Selina Poss, the resident’s daughter. Poss said her mother told her she was sexually assaulted by a nurse tech. The man put his genitals

More Abuse Discovered in ALFs

Judge Michael Edwards sentenced Jason Harold Knox, 30, to a year in jail on two second-degree felony charges of aggravated abuse of the elderly or disabled. Knox also abused an 89-year-old female patient.  Edwards first sentenced Knox to two 1-to-15-year sentences but suspended them and imposed the jail time. Knox also will be on probation

Where is the Compassion and Empathy?

 North Carolina has substantiated claims that a nursing home mistreated a resident after a daughter secretly recorded staff insulting her father.  Knapton said she placed a camera in her father’s room after he told her that staff routinely insulted him. She also suspected she wasn’t being told about all the times her father, who had had


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