Category: Abuse and Neglect

Wrongful Termination

McKnight’s reported a bizarre story involving a cover up and wrongful termination of a brave CNA. Kandus Jellison was a CNA at Oakwood Specialty Care in Iowa. Health care providers and caregivers owe a fiduciary duty to vulnerable adults under their care and supervision. On June 22, 2022, a resident fell from his wheelchair causing

CNA Retaliates

Fox13News reported the arrest of another nursing home employee for assaulting a vulnerable adult in St. Petersburg Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Police arrested the Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) after she was caught slapping an elderly patient across the face in a nursing home. Dolly Moultrie was responsible for assisting with changing the victim. Moultrie took

Happy Independence Day!

We as a society should do our best to uphold the practice of justice that reflects American principles. Older individuals are socially isolated within our society and are at the forefront of abuse and neglect, especially within nursing homes. Vulnerable adults deserve better. To grow old with peace and dignity. Families are paying thousands of

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