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Forced Arbitration

Americans have a constitutional right to a jury trial. AAJ released a new report, Forced Arbitration During a Pandemic: Corporations Double Down. The data shows consumer and employment forced arbitrations increased dramatically during the pandemic. Of course, consumer and employee win rates decreased. Despite roughly 60 million workers being subject to forced arbitration provisions at

Arbitration Decision

Right to a Jury Trial American nursing homes have fought long and hard for the power to hijack a resident’s right to sue them. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce keeps a running scorecard of lawmakers’ positions on arbitration. Lobbyists said that they will issue “credit” to members of Congress who fight the popular Forced Arbitration

Buying Support

Bribery? The American Prospect recently discovered the unethical and amoral tactics of Big Business. Corporations are trying to buy support to make it look like a grassroots effort. Incredible story. David Chami is an Arizona attorney who specializes in consumer protection. Drew Johnson said he worked with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. However, Johnson is

Nursing Home Improvement and Accountability Act of 2021

The Nursing Home Improvement and Accountability Act of 2021 will change the future of the nursing home industry forever. For the better. But only if it passes. The law provides the industry more funds for safe staffing and significant staffing reform. Experts also encourage small group homes as an alternative to the larger traditional institutional

Change is Coming

I often write about sad and depressing news stories but lately there has been some good news. Maybe a change is coming. Economy In July, employers added almost a million jobs! Unemployment fell to 5.4%. Average hourly wages increased–4% higher than they were a year ago. The recovery is on its way. But we need


In early 2021, the Colorado Court of Appeals issued an opinion in Johnson v. Rowan Inc., 2021 WL 280523 (Colo. App. 2021).  The case involved the enforceability of an arbitration agreement in the stack of admission paperwork. The Colorado Health Care Availability Act (HCAA) permits mandatory pre-dispute arbitration between patients and their health care providers


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