Category: Abuse and Neglect

Soliciting Rape

The News-Gazette had a very sick and disturbing article on how Channing J. Butler, an employee of Bickford Senior Living facility Bickford Cottage, was caught and arrested for soliciting others to have sex with female residents so that he could videotape them. Butler allegedly wanted the men to perform both oral and vaginal sex on

“Beyond Reprehensible”

The Lowell Sun reported the arrest and prosecution of two nurses aides accused of posting humiliating videos on social media of vulnerable clients at the Wingate at Belvidere nursing home. Sabrina Costa and Kala Shaniece Lopez were arrested after the videos surfaced on Snapchat.  Videos show Wingate patients, ages 75 to 99, being disrespected and

“Attempted” Neglect?

An Ohio news station, NBC 4, reported that a local nursing supervisor have been found guilty of attempted neglect at a Woodsfield nursing home.  What the heck is “attempted” neglect? Kathy Schwaben was employed at Monroe County Care Center when she neglected to assist an injured resident.  The resident was injured when she was a

Resident beaten to death

The Chicago Sun times had a sad article about an elderly resident beaten to death at a nurisng home.  The nursing home hasn’t explained how it happened or who assaulted the man.  Instead they are trying to blame the victim by stating he had “prior altercations” in an “other nursing home.”  So?  What does that

Woman sues nursing home for getting her arrested after she complained

The DesMoines Register has an article about a woman who complained about the care her mother ws recieving at a nursing home being arrested after the nursing home stated that she was “abusing” her mother.  This lack of accountability by the nursing home is astounding.  Trying to quiet the family of a neglected resident who

Mystery surrounds death of resident found in utility closet

Rome News Tribune has a story about a male resident found dead in the nursing home’s utility closet.  Typically, these closets are locked and only certain staff members have access.  No one knows how the resident got into the closet or how he died. The man had been missing from a Georgia nursing home for two weeks


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