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VA Nursing Homes Fail

It is a travesty how we treat our elderly veterans. Fox News reported on poorly operated nursing homes by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  Short-staffing, inadequate supplies, and burnt-out caregivers lead to the neglect of those who protected and defended this great country. These facilities care for the most vulnerable vets in need

Wasted Potential

Controversial former American Idol contestant killed a man while driving under the influence.  See WSPA article. 17 year old Caleb Andrew Kennedy was so impaired he drove over a man in his own driveway. He then dragged him into a garage causing the horrific and wrongful death of Larry Duane Parris. The Court denied bond.

Bed Rails Recalled

As a nursing home attorney for over 26 years, I have seen the dangers of bed rails. They give a false sense of security. They confuse and frustrate demented residents. Some vulnerable adults get stuck and asphyxiate while in bed. Finally, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled one dangerous bed rail. The U.S. Consumer

Dairy Lowers Risk

Broken bones from falls and other traumatic incidents at nursing homes occur often. The cause is typically unsafe staffing levels. A new study from Australia finds that increased intake of dairy foods may prevent fractures. The study shows more dairy products to nursing home residents could reduce risk of falls and fractures. Increased dairy consumption

Car Accidents Caused by Faulty Manufacturing: A Layperson’s Guide

In some instances, auto accidents aren’t caused by driver error. Instead, they are triggered by faulty manufacturing. When this happens, the law allows you to seek compensation from the manufacturer or other party involved in your vehicle’s mechanics. Here are some matters worth knowing about accidents that happen as a result of defective machinery. Types

The Process of Figuring Out Fault in a Vehicle Accident

The Process of Figuring Out Fault in a Vehicle Accident A lot goes into choosing who is at fault after a car and truck mishap if it is not a simple determination. Every celebration involved must provide relevant info regarding what occurred, and spectators, if there were any present at the time of the mishap,


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