Category: Accidents

Wouldn’t You Rather Know?

CBS News reported the tragic case of sexual conduct against a vulnerable adult. Luckily, discovered because of a hidden camera. The nursing home aide, John Akonkoh, who sexually assaulted the woman under his care was sentenced to 144 months in prison  with conditional release after 10 years. Akonkoh sexually assaulted a woman who was paralyzed

The Use of Smartphones

Americans spend more time on their phones while driving than people do in other countries because of this country’s culture of immediate gratification.

Traffic Deaths

Pandemic Increased Risky Behaviors U.S traffic deaths have increased in the past year. The “estimated crash deaths jumped at least 50 percent.” The cause is unclear but the pandemic seems to play a role in setting records and raising alarms for the safety of drivers around the country. “Risky behavior and traffic fatalities” are linked

Nightstick Fractures

Mechanism Mismatch Elder physical abuse among nursing home residents is prevalent. At least 10% to 25% residents suffer. A 2012 Michigan State University study determined that 1 out of every 4 people living in a nursing home suffered physical abuse. “We’re now on track for elder abuse to triple in the decade between 2020 and

Ant Bites Hurt

Brush Country Nursing and Rehabilitation nursing home failed Kathleen Laurel and her daughters, Lisa Howard and Kelly Pesek. The filthy conditions at the nursing home allowed ants to crawl all over a vulnerable resident. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission issued a detailed report on the incident. Caregivers told investigators about other neglect from

VA Nursing Homes Fail

It is a travesty how we treat our elderly veterans. Fox News reported on poorly operated nursing homes by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  Short-staffing, inadequate supplies, and burnt-out caregivers lead to the neglect of those who protected and defended this great country. These facilities care for the most vulnerable vets in need


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