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Medical Marijuana

Maureen Meehan wrote an interesting article about a new marijuana study showing the benefits of cannabis. The University of Colorado Boulder did the study examining the effects of cannabis use in adults aged 60 to 88 with no history of alcohol or other substance use disorder. Results suggest that the use of whole-plant cannabis may

Anti-psychotics in ALFs

Anti-psychotics medications are dangerous for elderly residents. The risk of harm outweighs the medical benefits. The FDA placed a black box warning on administering anti-psychotics for off-label use. The nursing home industry often used anti-psychotics as a chemical restraint to compensate for unsafe staffing. CMS warned the industry to reduce unnecessary and dangerous antipsychotic medication

Medication Theft

Medication theft is a major problem in the nursing home industry. WJHG reported another nurse stealing medications from residents. The missing meds were opiate-based pain medications. Jessie L. Klintworth faces charges related to stealing prescription medications from her job at Florida nursing home. The facility noticed discrepancies in their prescription medication inventory on June 6th. The

Psychosis and Quality of Life

The nursing home industry needs to train caregivers on how to treat dementia patients with psychotic symptoms. Psychosis can arise from the medications nursing homes administer to residents with dementia. Antipsychotics are dangerous. Safe staffing and better training is the answer, not more medications. Psychotic symptoms in nursing home residents with dementia lead to poorer

Chemical Restraint

McKnight’s reported that alternative medications replaced dangerous antipsychotic medications among Veterans Health Administration patients. A new analysis shows Veterans nursing homes significantly reduced antipsychotic medication use. A University of Michigan research team published findings in the American Journal of Psychiatry about antipsychotic use among Veterans Health Administration patients. Antipsychotic prescribing dropped from 33.7% to 27.5% from fiscal

Medication Theft

Another nursing home employee was caught stealing medications from residents. This happens way too often. As a nursing home attorney, we often see the diversion of resident medications for personal use or profit. It is sickening. WREG reported that Memphis Police arrested registered nurse Anthony Littlejohn for stealing pills from the nursing home. The Ave


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