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Lawsuit over Insulin Deaths

Heather Pressdee, a registered nurse at Quality Life Services’ nursing home in Pittsburgh, is accused of giving lethal doses of insulin to a beloved father Joseph Campbell on Christmas Day. She is now accused of administering lethal doses of unnecessary medication that resulted in the deaths of two patients and the hospitalization of a third,

Dementia and Medications

Medications can negatively effect people suffering from dementia. McKnight’s recently had articles on opioids and benzodiazepine. Opioids A new study presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Amsterdam shows that older adults with dementia given opioids have a higher risk for dying during the first two weeks after starting the drugs. After following those

Drug Diversion

Fox9 reported the tragic, yet far too common, theft of narcotics at nursing homes. This is the third time registered nurse Jody Diercks had her license suspended for allegedly stealing pain medications. The board previously suspended her license for stealing prescription pain medications from patients. She has been diagnosed with polysubstance dependence and a mental health


Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder affecting more than 6.5 million Americans. The disease slowly destroys memory and thinking skills and, eventually, the ability to carry out simple tasks. While the specific causes of Alzheimer’s are not fully known, it is characterized by changes in the brain—including amyloid beta plaques and neurofibrillary, or

Killer Caregiver?

Police arrested a nursing home nurse for killing two residents by insulin injection and the attempted murder of a third. The Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry filed charges against registered nurse Heather Pressdee. She worked at Quality Life Services in Pennsylvania. Pressdee confessed to administering lethal doses of unnecessary medication. For two of the three

Cannabis v. Opioids

The American Medical Association (AMA) published a study on medical marijuana. Cannabis provides “significant improvements” in the quality of life for people with cancer, chronic pain and insomnia. Cannabis appeared to increase wellbeing indicators. Additionally, the beneficial effects remain over time. The common conditions treated include are non-cancer chronic pain, cancer-related pain, insomnia and anxiety.


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