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Medication Theft

Another nursing home employee was caught stealing medications from residents. This happens way too often. As a nursing home attorney, we often see the diversion of resident medications for personal use or profit. It is sickening. WREG reported that Memphis Police arrested registered nurse Anthony Littlejohn for stealing pills from the nursing home. The Ave


The Annals of Long Term care reported on the problem of polypharmacy in the nursing home industry. Polypharmacy causes adverse outcomes like negative drug events and interactions among older individuals living in nursing homes (NHs). In the NH population in this study, researchers observed a significant prevalence of drug-related problems and chemical restraints. Researchers sought to

Medications Stolen

KCENtv reported on one of the long-standing issues in the nursing home industry, the theft of drugs. As a nursing home attorney, I see the diversion of narcotics and other medications in many of our cases. The report states police arrested Ashley Kay Bidwell after overdosing on morphine and admitting to stealing it from her

Diabetes Overtreatment

Healio had a great article on the Journal of the American Geriatric Society recent study showing the common problem in nursing home care and medication administration related to diabetes. Type 2 diabetes overtreatment among nursing home residents is common. Too few nursing homes failed to attempt to decrease medication regimens appropriately. About 40% of nursing home residents

Nurse Steals Oxy

Drug addiction and drug diversion for profit is major problem in health care especially in the nursing home industry. WYFF4 reported South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson had Brianna Michelle Hunt indicted by a Greenville County Grand Jury. Poinsett Rehabilitation and Healthcare in Greenville employed Hunt as a nurse. . The charges include theft of a

When Does Reckless Conduct Become Criminal?

Medication Errors There has been many articles about the case of RaDonda Vaught. Vaught killed a woman. She was criminally charged, prosecuted, and found guilty by a jury of her peers and fellow citizens. Normal so far, right? The criminal charges include reckless homicide and felony abuse of an impaired adult. But in this case,


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