Category: Tort Reform

Private Equity and Healthcare

Steward Health Care, the for profit health care provider that relied on private equity investors to acquire dozens of community hospitals, including facilities in Massachusetts, Texas and Florida, announced that it is filing for bankruptcy. The investors siphoned millions from the operation.

Right to Access

“A patient’s timely access to health records is paramount for medical care. The Office for Civil Rights continues to receive complaints from individuals and personal representatives on behalf of individuals who do not receive timely access to their health records. OCR will continue to vigorously enforce this essential right to ensure compliance by health care

“Favoritism” or Nepotism on the Supreme Court?

Steve Eder and Abbie VanSickle wrote an excellent report on Crystal Clanton, who is Justice Clarence Thomas’s “adopted daughter” and new law clerk. She worked for Ginni Thomas at her lobbying firm, Liberty Consulting when Ginni Thomas trafficked in the most bizarre conspiracy theories. The federal judicial code of conduct — which the Supreme Court is

Financial Shenanigans

The Conversation published a recent article from Charlene Harrington and Sean Campbell. It is an INCREDIBLE article that explains the problems with the financial shenanigans of the industry. See article below but please visit The Conversation. The care at Landmark of Louisville Rehabilitation and Nursing was abysmal when state inspectors filed their survey report of

Latest Tort Deform

The Editorial Staff of the Post & Courier had a great article about South Carolina’s joint and several liability law. “It looked like SC Venue Crisis had landed its latest poster child when a Cayce sports bar announced this month it was closing because of rising liability insurance rates. But just a day later, The Post and Courier’s

Change in Liquor Liability Laws Will Hurt Victims of Drunk Drivers

Attorney Trip Riesen wrote an article on joint and several liability that ran in the Post and Courier. South Carolina ranks as one of the worst states for drunk driving coming in at 7th in the nation according to a recent Forbes article citing statistics from the National Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”). “Every day, about


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