Category: Regulatory enforcement

SC Ranks Last

This story first appeared in the SC Daily Gazette. A mew report published by the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging shows a lack of investigation and enforcement by regulatory agencies over the long-term care industry. Vulnerable adults are being abused and neglected and the government does nothing to deter the conduct. The report mentions South Carolina as one

SAVA Settlement

The Montrose Press reported SSC Montrose San Juan Operating Co. LLC and SavaSeniorCare Administrative Services LLC (collectively, SAVA) will pay $150,000 to settle sexual harassment complaints. SAVA were enjoined from creating a hostile work environment on the basis of sex and from retaliating against employees who make such complaints. SAVA told them to “be nice”

$2.2 Million Settlement

McKnight’s reported on the $2.2 million settlement with patients who suffered abuse at Laguna Honda Hospital & Rehabilitation Center in San Francisco. A 2019 California Department of Public Health investigation had confirmed multiple claims of patient abuse by six former nurses there. A 2021 lawsuit accused those nurses of taking nude photos of residents and

Industry Continues to Decline

The problems surrounding nursing home care continue post-COVID. The USA Today article “Many Nursing Homes are Poorly Staffed. How do they get away with it?” shows these facilities are understaffed, place profits over people, and complaints are ignored by law enforcement. We continue to see a decline in the quality of these facilities being mandated

Sham and Related Entities

Reuters reported New York’s Attorney General Letitia James accused nursing home operator Centers Health Care and its owners of stealing $83 million in government funds while understaffing its facilities, resulting in widespread neglect, illness and death among residents. The lawsuit seeks to to block new admissions until the facilities provide safe staffing, and hire financial monitors to

Corporate Liability Shields

Apple reported the tragic consequences and injustice of federal preemption. The doctrine of federal preemption allows corporations to get away with unsafe practices and products. For example, Merck’s best-selling asthma medicine, Singulair, has been linked for years to suicides and psychiatric problems, especially in children. However, lawsuits over the drug are blocked by one of Corporate


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