Category: Regulatory enforcement

CMS Waivers and Raises

Waivers The federal government granted several waivers designed to free up hospital beds and provide uninterrupted care to seniors during the pandemic. CMS suspended improper payment-related activities between March and August 2020. It’s unclear yet how much audit activity and improper payment findings were curtailed over the last calendar year. The agency also adjusted how

Brookdale Senior Living

Dumping and Falsifying Prosecutors in California recently brought suit against Brookdale Senior Living, Inc., the largest senior living facility operator in the United States. Brookdale gave false information to inflate their quality ratings according to California attorney general Xavier Becerra. The lawsuit against Brookdale Senior Living claims that the operator falsified staffing records in order to

CMS Sanctions Neglect

Becker’s Hospital CFO Report stated that CMS will cut Medicare payments to 774 hospitals in 2021.  These hospitals had the highest rates of avoidable/preventable injuries and infections. Five things to know: 1. The Hospital-Acquired Conditions Reduction Program prevents harm to patients by providing a financial incentive for hospitals to prevent hospital-acquired conditions. A hospital’s total score

Industry Under Scrutiny

Quality of Care A bipartisan group on the Senate Finance Committee conducted hearings on the nursing home industry’s deadly incompetence. Approximately 185,000 residents and caregivers in nursing homes died because of poor infection control throughout the pandemic. The hearing noted significant deficiencies in nursing home safety and emergency preparedness standards. Here is a link to the

Profit Margin

Hiding Profits Experts recently met to discuss potential solutions and regulations for the nursing home industry. Experts and consumer advocates want to increase transparency, quality, and accountability in the industry.  The journal Health Affairs published the discussion. Profit margin and diversion of funds to related entities were major topics. Corporate chains often siphon funds to

Wrongful Evictions

Unsafe Discharges Skilled Nursing News reported that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) will investigate wrongful evictions and unsafe discharges. OIG’s formal work plan includes a probe into unplanned discharges. “A facility-initiated transfer or discharge of a resident from a nursing home can be an unsafe and


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