Category: Regulatory Oversight

CMS Waivers and Raises

Waivers The federal government granted several waivers designed to free up hospital beds and provide uninterrupted care to seniors during the pandemic. CMS suspended improper payment-related activities between March and August 2020. It’s unclear yet how much audit activity and improper payment findings were curtailed over the last calendar year. The agency also adjusted how

Ownership Disclosures

New Jersey Senate and Assembly unanimously passed a bill last month to improve transparency in nursing home ownership and management. Who really controls the facility?  NJ Spotlight News reported the bipartisan law that requires additional information for licensure. “Residents, families, staff and the public have a right to know who is applying for ownership of

Serial Rapist reported the damage caused by failing to report a sexual predator.  Serial rapist and certified nursing assistant Matthew Fluckiger terrorized nursing home residents in California. Between March 2017 and January 2020, at least four separate residents accused him of sexual assault. Fluckiger knew he could victimize with impunity. He told one victim: “I know

Nursing Facility Quality Reporting Act

Visitor Reports The State recently reported how nursing homes in South Carolina ignored reporting requirements during COVID. The facilities claim they ere more interested in patient care than documenting that they actually provided the care. However, documentation is a necessary part of the nursing process and quality of care. Documentation allows communication among different caregivers;

Brookdale Senior Living

Dumping and Falsifying Prosecutors in California recently brought suit against Brookdale Senior Living, Inc., the largest senior living facility operator in the United States. Brookdale gave false information to inflate their quality ratings according to California attorney general Xavier Becerra. The lawsuit against Brookdale Senior Living claims that the operator falsified staffing records in order to

Penalty Enforcement or Falsification

Falsification Block Club Chicago reported a Chicago nursing home inspector didn’t show up to facilities for at least a year and falsified dozens of inspection reports. An “elder protective investigator” never showed up at those facilities. Instead he filed fake visit reports according to an investigation from Inspector General’s office. “The Chicago Department of Family


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