Category: Regulatory Oversight

CMS Data on Ownership

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services added data to its website highlighting nursing home ownership changes in an effort to increase transparency. However, the information is missing the true owners who use shell companies for sales and purchases. The information is now available on This is the first time CMS has attempted transparency for

File a Complaint with DHEC

SCDHEC allows you to file Health Facility and CNA Abuse Complaints online. Health Facility Complaints To file a complaint against a health facility or service regulated by DHEC, submit the Health Facility Complaint Form. If you are unable to submit your health facility complaint online,  you can call our office at (803) 545-4370 or 1-800-922-6735 and indicate you wish to

“That ends on my watch”

Experts and advocates worry that private equity firms and other for-profit owners are underfunding care in order to line their pockets. Evidence, common sense, and academic studies link for-profit status to poor quality. Researchers and investigative articles spotlighting poor care and safety lapses at national chains. Research has repeatedly linked lower staffing levels to substandard care. To date, CMS

Safe Staffing and Private Equity

The White House plans to boost nursing home staffing and oversight is great news for those of us who represents the victims of abuse and neglect in the nursing home industry. The plan will confirm a minimum staffing level–hopefully consistent with studies that show a need of 4.1. hours per patient day. Safe staffing improves

White House Job Plan

Creating Pathways to Good-paying Jobs with the Free and Fair Choice to Join a Union Ensure Nurse Aide Training is Affordable. Lowering financial barriers to nurse aide training and certification will strengthen and diversify the nursing home workforce. CMSwill establish new requirements to ensure nurse aide trainees are notified about their potential entitlement to training reimbursement


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