Category: Regulatory Oversight

Reforming Special Focus Facility List

Let us be clear: We are cracking down on enforcement of our nation’s poorest-performing nursing homes. We are demanding better, because our seniors deserve better. –HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra. Special Focus Facility CMS will revise the Special Focus Facility Program to help residents of chronically low-performing nursing homes. Facilities in the program are to be

Imposter Nurse

Negligent Background Check Nursing home administrations and human resources must remain vigilant on background checks for prospective staff even amid record turnover. A jury may find facilities liable for failing to secure their premises or perform a proper background check. Best practice require facilities require certain documents such as vaccination records, driver’s licenses, relevant Board

Oakridge Community Care

Fox Carolina reported that Republican lawmaker Sen. Tom Corbin (R) wrote a letter after a FOX Carolina investigation discovered revealed a decade of poor conditions at Oakridge Community Care in Inman. ongoing issues at an assisted living facility. Where has Corbin been the last ten years? Sen. Corbin represents the district Inman where Oakridge Community Care

Ownership Data

Private equity and REIT own and control nursing homes but hide behind sham related entities and shell companies. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will provide nursing home ownership data available to increase transparency in the industry. CMS will post on and updated monthly. The industry has profited significantly from creating complex organizational structures.

Self-Reporting is Unreliable

A new study from University of Chicago researchers shows that self-reported data from nursing homes are inaccurate, unreliable, and, often, false. For example, nursing home operators underreport the number of pressure injuries in residents by as much as 40%. Researchers found that nursing homes self-reported only 59.7% of hospitalized pressure injuries between stages 2 and

Updated Staffing Rules

CMS recently issued updated nursing home staffing compliance guidelines. CMS guidance on minimum health and safety standards is part of Medicare and Medicaid participation. Nursing home surveyors will use payroll data to determine compliance with safe staffing rules. The new standards will go into effect Oct. 24. The agency is examining ways to set minimum staffing requirements


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