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Take Action Now!

Tell Congress to Support Nursing Home Provisions and Elder Justice Act Provisions  Congress is gearing up to pass several important nursing home provisions from the “Nursing Home Improvement and Accountability Act of 2021” (HR 5169).  Language from the Elder Justice Reauthorization Act (HR 4969) is included as well.  We encourage you to reach out to your

Chlorpyrifos Ban

The Biden administration announced the ban of chlorpyrifos on food. The dangerous pesticide causes neurological damage in children. The poison causes reduced IQ, loss of working memory, and attention deficit disorders. Chlorpyrifos is a neurotoxic pesticide in the organophosphates class of chemicals that were first developed by the Nazis for chemical warfare. Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate pesticide. Big Ag

Per Day Fines Return

Trump implemented a policy to limit financial penalties for nursing home violations for the last four years. These violations include abuse and neglect that caused repeated harms and injuries. The policy restricted monetary fines for violations to a maximum one-time amount of $22,320 — even if the violation had continued for months. This is not

Code Blue

Massachusetts AG Maura Healey reached a settlement with nursing home operator Milton HC Operating, LLC (“Milton”) to resolve allegations of resident neglect and long-term care regulatory violations. Investigators found that Milton staff failed to adequately respond when a resident was found unresponsive with difficulty breathing. The staff failed to call a Code Blue on the

CMS Waivers and Raises

Waivers The federal government granted several waivers designed to free up hospital beds and provide uninterrupted care to seniors during the pandemic. CMS suspended improper payment-related activities between March and August 2020. It’s unclear yet how much audit activity and improper payment findings were curtailed over the last calendar year. The agency also adjusted how

Ownership Disclosures

New Jersey Senate and Assembly unanimously passed a bill last month to improve transparency in nursing home ownership and management. Who really controls the facility?  NJ Spotlight News reported the bipartisan law that requires additional information for licensure. “Residents, families, staff and the public have a right to know who is applying for ownership of


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