Category: Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention

McKnight’s reported on a new study published in JAMA showing the need for safe fall prevention. Falls remain the leading cause of injury among older adults in the United States and among the top causes of death. The 20-year study noted deaths caused by traumatic falls are increasing. Overall, deaths from falls rose dramatically. More than 10,000 in

Healthy Bones

Osteoporosis 20 percent of American women ages 50 and older have osteoporosis and more than half have detectable bone loss (osteopenia). This is one reason caregivers must be careful when providing care or assistance. One out of three women over age 50 and one out of five older men will develop an osteoporotic fracture—a hip,

Dairy Lowers Risk

Broken bones from falls and other traumatic incidents at nursing homes occur often. The cause is typically unsafe staffing levels. A new study from Australia finds that increased intake of dairy foods may prevent fractures. The study shows more dairy products to nursing home residents could reduce risk of falls and fractures. Increased dairy consumption

Therapy Services

Need vs. Cost Alex Spanko at Skilled Nursing News had a remarkable article about the need for therapy in nursing homes. He references a self-serving new study by lobbyists for physical and occupational therapists that show increased intensity of therapy services may directly lead to better outcomes for nursing home residents. Residents getting 90 to

Bed Rails

CBS News reported on the dangers of bed rails. As a nursing home attorney, I am aware that the misuse of bed rails and bed handles kill hundreds of vulnerable adults every year.  The side rails or metal bars used on beds to help patients pull themselves up or prevent escape. However, many suffer fatal

Settlement in Fall Case

The Morning Call reported a $250,000 settlement in a nursing home fall case. Lehigh County and Good Shepherd Rehabilitation will pay $250,000 to settle claims that inadequate staffing led to Shirley Leibenguth’s death. Cedarbrook understaffed its registered nurses by 30% and its CNAs 14%-22% compared with safe staffing standards. This profited them more than $2.5


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