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Private Equity Ownership

McKnight’s reported in an opinion piece that appeared in medical news outlet STAT. Dr. Haider Warraich, M.D. admitted what everyone in the industry knows: “Private equity investment fundamentally changes nursing homes.” Dr. Warraich asserts that for-profit nursing homes place residents at higher risk of death and are a poor deal for elders overall. The lack of

Bills on Cameras

Ohio WOUB reported that Ohio may be the next State to allow residents use cameras for safety and security. State Rep. Juanita Brent introduced a bill allowing residents of nursing facilities to use cameras in their rooms. The resident would post a sign on the door informing visitors they could be on camera. This is

Home as the Default

Occupancy Declines Fox Business reported that families continue to choose home health and other options to avoid nursing homes. COVID-19 has reshaped the future of the nursing home industry. Americans rely on institutions to care for vulnerable seniors. Nursing-home use in the U.S. has been declining gradually for years. In 2019, occupancy was 80%, down

SavaSeniorCare and Dialysis

SavaSeniorCare announced that it was expanding its partnership with dialysis clinics. Sava will add on-site dialysis treatments to Sava’s facilities. Concerto provides in-house dialysis services to SNFs in Illinois, Maryland, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, and Ohio. SavaSeniorCare is a well-known national chain. One of the biggest in the country. Their revenue exceeds a billion dollars

Doctor of Osteopathic medicine

What is the difference between a medical doctor (M.D.) and a doctor of osteopathic (D.O.) medicine? Both types of physicians can prescribe medicine and treat patients in similar ways. But two major principles guiding osteopathic medical curriculum distinguish it from the medical school route. The 200-plus hours of training on the musculoskeletal system and the

Dog Therapy

Dog therapy is finally becoming more common in the nursing home industry. Dogs are great for residents to play, pet, and talk to during the pandemic. All nursing homes should start a program of dog therapy. Other animals can also work such as cats, birds, and reptiles.  But dogs are best in my humble opinion.


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