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Are we getting value?

The United States spends an average of about $13,000 per person every year on health care. Nearly 70% of seniors will need long-term care services as they age, per Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. The American health care system maximizes the profits of health care companies at the expense of families’ budgets. No other country comes

Assisted Living Facility Costs

Dying Broke, the investigative series, uses KFF polling, original analysis and interviews with experts and impacted individuals and their families to examine the challenges facing families and caregivers in navigating long-term care. The project found that nearly three million older Americans who need long-term help are not receiving it, in large part because of the

Turnover and Retention

Research has shown that the turnover rates of NH administrators (NHA) and directors of nursing (DON) have a direct impact on overall quality.  Turnover is a result of mismanagement and negative culture. Nursing homes can improve staff retention with better communication, increasing wages, enhancing shift differentials, and providing health benefits. The facility culture matters. “While nursing

No Country for Old People

From Consumer Voice: In No Country for Old People, a documentary, a filmmaker chronicles the last 6 months of her mother’s life in a five-star nursing home and discovers the system designed to protect our most vulnerable is actually a complex and opaque system that puts profit over people. Through interviews with dozens of experts, No Country

Retention and Turnover

McKnight’s had an interesting article on the importance of staff retention. Less complaints and better quality of care when staff turnover is low. Administrator and DON turnover was significantly associated with an increase in both total complaints and substantiated complaints. Staff retention matters at the top of the managerial chain just as much as it

$2.2 Million Settlement

McKnight’s reported on the $2.2 million settlement with patients who suffered abuse at Laguna Honda Hospital & Rehabilitation Center in San Francisco. A 2019 California Department of Public Health investigation had confirmed multiple claims of patient abuse by six former nurses there. A 2021 lawsuit accused those nurses of taking nude photos of residents and


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