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Staffing Shortages

For-Profit Ownership is the Problem As a long-time nursing home attorney, I can assure you that for-profit chains have lower quality of care. A new study verifies the obvious. Evidentiary findings published in the Journal of Long-Term Care serve as the latest evidence against for-profit management of nursing homes. Dozens of studies prove the negative relationship

Bed Rails

CBS News reported on the dangers of bed rails. As a nursing home attorney, I am aware that the misuse of bed rails and bed handles kill hundreds of vulnerable adults every year.  The side rails or metal bars used on beds to help patients pull themselves up or prevent escape. However, many suffer fatal

Going Home Sooner

Timely Discharge McKnight’s reported on a recent study in Health Affairs indicating that some patients could return home without a negative affect on their health. Researchers found home-based care or alternative payment efforts limiting lengths of stay “are well-founded.” That is good news for people who want to return or remain at home. Author J. Michael


Skilled Nursing News published an article about the nursing home industry’s failure to modernize with better technology. Better data monitoring would increase communication, safety, and quality of care. Dr. Frank J. Newlands is founder and CEO of Physicians Services Group. He stresses better documentation workflows and embracing more technologies to meet the needs of the

Private Rooms

Occupancy COVID caused occupancy levels in nursing homes to drop to 68.5%. However, recent data suggests a strong rebound. The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care’s data shows a steady increase. NIC MAP Data revealed that skilled nursing occupancy climbed for a second straight month in March, reaching 71.6%. That’s a notable jump

Infection and Dementia

A study found one in five nursing home residents with advanced dementia harbor strains of drug-resistant bacteria. More than 10 percent of the drug-resistant bacteria are resistant to four or more antibiotic classes. The research was published online in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, the journal of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America. Erika


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