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Competency and Quality

Inconsistency AARP’s Nursing Home COVID-19 Dashboard shows good and bad news. Across the U.S., the AARP dashboard shows a very uneven level of vaccination among nursing home workers. The good news is that in areas with high vaccination rates and vaccine mandates, the nursing home residents are thriving. The bad news is places with low

Risk v. Normalcy

What is the risk of Covid among nursing home residents now? Well, it depends. Some facilities never had a problem with the coronavirus because they were well-trained, well-stocked, and safe staffed. However, the vast majority were unprepared and unsafe. After analyzing data collected about COVID cases among Medicare recipients (“beneficiaries”) between March 1 and Dec.

Dentists Against Dental Care?

Politico reported something strange. Dentists are against providing Medicare recipients dental care! The Biden Administrations wants to expand Medicare to cover dental, vision and hearing care. However, conservative Democrats want to limit the expansion to only the poorest Americans. But Medicare is not just for poor people. We have never limited benefits based on means

Nursing Home Improvement and Accountability Act

The Nursing Home Improvement and Accountability Act will improve the quality of care at nursing homes. The legislation will increase safety and maintain the health and well-being of America’s vulnerable adults. The legislation proposes minimum staffing requirements, increases Medicaid funding and bans mandatory pre-dispute arbitration agreements hidden in admission paperwork. HHS would apply the staffing minimums

Health Care System Collapse?

Vox reports that hospitals are turning away patients in hard-hit Southern states.  Throughout the South, hospitals are reporting they have more patients in need of ICU care than ICU beds available, as the Times reported. Americans are being transported hundreds of miles from their homes because no nearby hospital has room for them. Some even died


Groundbreaking Study The New York Times reported a new study in Science that has everyone talking about metabolism. Using data from thousands, ranging in age from 8 days to 95 years, researchers discovered four distinct periods of life, as far as metabolism goes. They also found that there are no real differences between the metabolic


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