Resident beaten to death

The Chicago Sun times had a sad article about an elderly resident beaten to death at a nurisng home.  The nursing home hasn’t explained how it happened or who assaulted the man.  Instead they are trying to blame the victim by stating he had “prior altercations” in an “other nursing home.”  So?  What does that have to do with preventing him from getting assaulted at your nursing home?  The autopsy showed he was beaten to death and it was ruled a homicide.

The nursing home had a history of negligence and state-mandated fines .

The nursing home’s attorney said: “He was only in [the Renaissance] facility for four or five days before he expired,” Meehan said. “He had an altercation of some kind at a previous nursing home.”

Expired?  He was beaten to death.  Why is the attorney making statement sinstead of the Administrator or Director of Nursing?

Meehan said she did not know who assaulted Jackson at the Giles Avenue nursing home.