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“All Behavior is Communication”

Rebecca Mead wrote a great article in the New Yorker called “The Sense of an Ending” about the best ways of responding to people suffering with dementia.  Mead’s article details nursing home care that should be the standard for every and any facility or any person that works with elderly people, whether they be in Nursing

“Essential Services”

We are attaching talking points that will be useful when discussing both rehabilitation services and habilitation services as essential services under State Insurance Exchange Programs required to be created pursuant to the Affordable Care Act.  Persons suffering from a brain injury should receive adequate medical and rehabilitation services under the Affordable Care Act. The outcomes of

“Questions are the Answer”

Sarah Mars is a Public Affairs Specialist at the Agency For Healthcare Research and Quality.  She was nice enough to send me the below information to share. When patients become more actively involved in their own health, there’s a much stronger likelihood their health outcomes will be better. That’s why “Questions are the Answer,” a

“They will kill me”

The Naples News blog “Life in the Slow Lane” had a remarkably tragic story about a resident’s stay at a nursing home.  The author told the story of her brother-in-law’s horrific treatment at the hands of nursing home staff revealing the nightmarish situation that can be caused by neglect and blatant apathy. Diagnosed with Alzheimer

“The aristocracy of our moneyed corporations”

To follow up on this morning entry, here is an article written for Hightower Lowdown discussing  the current Supreme Court.  Below are some excerpts: “Barely six years into Roberts’ tenure, he and his narrow majority have thoroughly politicized the Court. The one branch of our national government that was intentionally designed by the Founders to set

“A 747 Jetliner Every Day”

“If a 747 jetliner crashed every day, killing all 500 people aboard, there would be a national uproar over aviation safety and an all-out mobilization to fix the problem.” However, “in the nation’s hospitals…about the same number of people die on average every day from medical ‘adverse events,’ many of them preventable errors, such as


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