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“Essential Services”

We are attaching talking points that will be useful when discussing both rehabilitation services and habilitation services as essential services under State Insurance Exchange Programs required to be created pursuant to the Affordable Care Act.  Persons suffering from a brain injury should receive adequate medical and rehabilitation services under the Affordable Care Act. The outcomes of

Elder Justice Act

A nursing home abuse bill, the Elder Justice Act, has been under consideration in Congress but has yet to be passed. Although nursing home and elder abuse are serious and growing problems, the nursing home abuse bill has never even been voted on. While no one in Congress opposes the nursing home abuse legislation, few are

The Arbitration Fairness Act of 2007

Buried within most admission contracts for nursing homes are unconscionable and hidden clauses requiring mandatory binding arbitration in case of a dispute. These clauses stack the deck against consumers and victims of nursing home abuse and neglect.  These hidden clauses force residents to sign away their rights before a dispute even arises, and denying them access


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