Sexual assault of resident

Here is a disturbing article about a common problem in nursing home facilities.  A Berea man was arrested Monday on charges that he sexually assaulted a woman in a local nursing home.

Matthew Bryant, 25, of Old Walleceton Road, allegedly entered the Berea Health Care Center on Richmond Road in Berea. Police still aren’t sure how Bryant gained access to the building at that time of the morning.  Why weren’t the doors locked? Where was the supervision?

Basically what happened is that the employees of the nursing home heard a patient scream.  When they went to where the patient screamed, they observed a white male run out of the room and run out a door.

The police department had received a call about an hour and a half earlier about a man matching Bryant’s description “peeping in windows” at another nursing home. Somebody there identified the man as Bryant.  A supervisor did a photo line up and took it back to the nursing home and they identified Bryant in that.