“Appalled by her disregard for humanity”

One of the nursing home workers who physically abused patients in Albert Lea, Minn. learned her punishment last month. Brianna Broitzman was sentenced to only 180 days in jail. She pleaded guilty to the charges in August.   It’s a staggered sentence where she will serve 60 days immediately and was taken directly to jail from the courtroom.  If she does have to serve the entire time, the next 60 days of her sentence would start in May and the last 60 days would start in October 2011. It’s possible she could petition the court not to serve the remaining 120 days.

Broitzman was one of two teens charged as adults in the case. An investigation that dates back to 2008 found that Broitzman was one of six young women at the Good Samaritan Society of Albert Lea who sexually and physically abused residents.  The investigation found the abuse went on for five months. Longer than her sentence if reduced.

She will also be on probation for 2 years, serve 8 days of community service, have to undergo a psychological evaluation and have no contact with vulnerable adults.  Broitzman also has to write letters of apology to victims and their families.
The judge said he was “appalled by her disregard for humanity.”