Diabetic Amputations

The State reveals the capital of South Carolina, specifically North Columbia, is one of the nation’s leaders in diabetic amputations. The health care system for people are very limited. A shortage of medical specialists that “perform revalascularization procedures.”

The article states that in the year of 2016, “South Carolina logged more than 1,900 non-traumatic, lower extremity amputations for diabetics, according to statewide hospital discharge data.

Residents living in Columbia’s 29203 ZIP code posted the highest rate among ZIP codes in four states in the Deep South. These numbers are astounding. This does not make sense and seems to be caused by racial and economic disparities. The article describes the lack of resources and a tragic cycle for African Americans in North Columbia. This community suffers from diabetes and diabetic amputations because of lack of access to fresh produce or healthy nutrition.

This epidemic among lower income communities due to unsafe and lacking environments has gotten worse in the past years. “South Carolina ranks 6th in the nation in the portion of residents living with diabetes, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.”