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Study on Transfers

Transfers to emergency rooms have negative long-term impacts on the health and well-being of nursing home residents. Almost 25% of all nursing home residents experience an emergency transfer to the hospital every year. That is a significant number. The risk of injury increases with each hospitalization. However, these transfers are preventable with adequate assessments and

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Expanding Access South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) announced that any South Carolina resident aged 70 or older can receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Pre-existing conditions no longer provides priority. Access is expanding. Hopefully, this will increase utilization rates. South Carolina has a 56 percent utilization rate. State officials want to expand access

“Stop it. It’s over.”

Jonathan Swan of Axios wrote about a phone call between Trump and House Minority Leader Republican Kevin McCarthy. Trump tried to blame his political opponents for the insurrection on January 6. Trump said it was “Antifa people” who stormed the Capitol. But McCarthy was having none of it: “It’s not Antifa, it’s MAGA. I know.

Access to Vaccine

Asymptomatic Carriers Researchers found that at least 50% of new coronavirus cases stem from asymptomatic carriers based on study findings.  An analysis published in JAMA found that 59% of all disease transmission came from asymptomatic individuals.  35% of those being presymptomatic people and 24% people who never developed symptoms. The research supports a November study that called

25th Amendment

Donald Trump encouraged his cult followers to storm the Capital and take Mike Pence. I cannot understand why Mike Pence refuses to use the 25th Amendment to protect our democracy, and his own life.

Support the Police

My hometown had horrible news over the weekend. Fox Carolina reported that a pickup struck the son of a Spartanburg County deputy. In a Facebook post, SCSO disclosed that 14-year-old William Allen was hit by the car while crossing Fernwood Glendale Road. William is the son of deputy Edgar Allen. South Carolina Highway Patrol says



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