Workforce Housing

McKnight’s reported that workforce housing is a new way to attract or retain caregivers at nursing homes. Nursing homes can provide housing in nearby affordable apartments. Many nursing homes in expensive areas need to do this to attract low-wage earners. The latest to create this employee benefit is Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. Navigator Homes of Martha’s

Unsafe Medications

AARP reminded us that the abuse of psychotropic medications on vulnerable residents in nursing homes are dangerous. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General issued a damning report. Eight in 10 elderly nursing home residents on Medicare were prescribed psychiatric drugs. Almost a million residents per year placed at risk of unnecessary


The Denver Post reported another tragic and preventable death of a nursing home resident.  Mary Staub froze to death on the sidewalk outside the nursing home. The temperature was around 15 degrees when the caregivers at Balfour at Lavendar Farms senior living facility in Louisville allowed Staub to leave unsupervised and unattended wearing a nightgown,

Predator Unsupervised

The Salem News reported the sexual abuse of three nursing home residents at Brentwood Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. Investigators discovered the suspected nurse aide did not even have proper qualifications, training, or certifications. The facility never should have hired him. The facility failed to conduct a simple background check. Bueh was charged with rape in

Staffing Study

Nursing homes often fail to provide sufficient safe staffing. It is an issue we see in every case. A new study published in JAMA Network Open shows daily staffing stability is an indicator of  better quality care. Staffing instability is defined as the percentage of days with below-average staffing levels.  Nursing homes that keep day-to-day

Ranking SC Nursing Homes

Nursing home rankings can be helpful but often are misleading if based on unreliable data. For example, the State had an interesting article listing the worst nursing homes in South Carolina. The rankings were based on based on CMS’ five-star rating system for nursing homes. The CMS star rating system is based on staffing, health


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