For-Profits Fail Again

Certified nursing assistants are unlicensed health care providers. They provide custodial care and provide assistance with activities of daily living. Activities of daily living include personal hygiene, transfers and ambulation, eating, and bathing.  They are often paid slave wages with no benefits. New research published in JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that CNAs are the least

SC Rationing Care

South Carolina health officials said a national shortage has forced them to begin rationing doses of monoclonal antibodies — a treatment used to help people fight off COVID-19. This is not a good time for South Carolina to ration care. The percent of positive tests is still more than double what the Centers for Disease


Groundbreaking Study The New York Times reported a new study in Science that has everyone talking about metabolism. Using data from thousands, ranging in age from 8 days to 95 years, researchers discovered four distinct periods of life, as far as metabolism goes. They also found that there are no real differences between the metabolic

Dying Alone

WGXA reported the tragic discovery of a female resident three days after her death. Magnolia Manor caregivers finally discovered Jewel Pounds Billing in her apartment after family members asked them to do a welfare check on Billing. Coroner Lonnie Miley believes the woman died of natural causes. According to Magnolia Manor’s website, they provide services to

Vaccine Court

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Thirty-five years ago, Congress created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The Program reimburses children hurt by routine immunizations administered as a condition of school entry. The federal program compensates people experiencing vaccine injuries, but not injuries from covid vaccines. This program is known also as the vaccine court. The vaccine

Expand Medicare Services

Medicare is funded by a combination of money. Some paid directly from paychecks and taxes paid by working Americans and their employers. Kaiser Health News had an article on the lack of essential services Medicare actually provides, and the need to expand services. “Traditional” Medicare does not cover many benefits used overwhelmingly by its beneficiaries,


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