PruittHealth’s Gold Seal

PruittHealth announced that the corporate masters will require accreditation for all 91 nursing facilities in the Southeast region. The Joint Commission Care Center Accreditation helps health care organizations identify risks through an assessment of compliance with accreditation standards. System-wide polices and procedures, best practices, and chain of command is the key focus. “Joint Commission accreditation

Georgia Allows Cameras

Safety v. Privacy? Jack Greiner is managing partner of Graydon law firm in Cincinnati. He represents Enquirer Media in First Amendment and media issues. He wrote a great article for the Cincinnati Enquirer about a recent Georgia case involving neglect at a SavaSeniorCare facility. The case weighs the safety and well-being of a nursing home

Vaccine Hesitancy

Nursing home staff hesitancy quickly emerged as a key problem in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in long-term care. However, vaccine participation among caregivers in the nursing home industry workers has substantially increased. Software firm OnShift polled the industry. About 62% of post-acute and senior living workers are willing to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, up from

No Joke

Is Matt Gaetz a sexual predator? The Trump Justice Department initiated an investigation into Gaetz.  He is a Republican representing Florida. The investigation focuses on possible sex trafficking.  Gaetz is a QAnon supporter and conspiracy nut. Evidence shows he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl. Gaetz is almost 40 years old. However, he

Caregiver Death Rate

The Scientific American lists the most dangerous jobs in America every year. They recently released the list for 2020. One of the deadliest professions was caring for vulnerable adults in nursing homes. Death rates among nursing home staff ranked among the highest based on available data. Incredible. These caregivers deserve a living wage, benefits, and


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