Improving Resident Relationships in Long-Term Care

The Cornell Chronicle reported an analysis of resident to resident aggression in assisted living facilities. The numbers are frightening. One in six residents of assisted living facilities is subject to verbal, physical or other aggression by fellow residents in a typical month, and those suffering from dementia are most at risk, new research finds in

Individualized Medication Plan

McKnight’s reported on a new disconcerting study about blood pressure medication increasing the risk of falls especially with people suffering from dementia. JAMA Internal Medicine published a study showing residents in nursing homes who took antihypertensive medicines had higher risks for falls and fractures. Authors of the report said the risks for falling or getting fractures were even higher among

J.D. Vance Defends Trump in NY

“I’m a Never Trump guy,” Vance said in an interview with Charlie Rose. “I never liked him.” Senator Vance built a reputation as a self-described “Never Trump guy” who mocked Donald Trump’s intelligence calling Trump “loathsome,” an “idiot,” “noxious,” reprehensible and “cultural heroin.”  Vance’s old college roommate, tweeted a message from Vance who expressed concern that

OIG Investigates Discharges

Facilities are discharging patients that do not follow Federal regulations which leads to unsafe and traumatic harm for the patient. CMS and State Long-Term Care Ombudsmen question the extent to which the nursing homes follow these Federal requirements for discharge. OIG conducted an investigation into nursing homes’ capability to care for patients with mental health

Wealth Growth

Wealth growth for young Americans was stagnant for decades until the Biden Administration. Suddenly a historic rise developed. In Axios, Emily Peck reported that household wealth for Americans under 40 has risen an astonishing 49% from where it was before the pandemic. Wealth doubled for those born between 1981 and 1996. Wealth overall has soared in


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