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South Carolina should be proud today. U.S. District Court Judge Richard M. Gergel published Unexampled Courage: The Blinding of Sergeant Isaac Woodard and the Awakening of President Harry S. Truman and Judge J. Waties Waring. His book is a fantastic read. The issues raised echo the front pages of today. The book begins with the tragic story

Arbitration in South Carolina

South Carolina Appellate Courts issued two new legal decisions related to the enforceability of arbitration agreements hidden in nursing home admission paperwork.  The Court of Appeals issued an opinion in the nursing home neglect case of Vera Brown. The case name is Rawl v. West Ashley. Rawl v. West Ashley “The circuit court found the

Trump Lawyer Admits to “Big Lie”

Sidney Powell Sidney Powell spread baseless claims of election fraud, the Big Lie. Powell is Trump’s campaign lawyer. She repeatedly spread the Big Lie. Somehow, President Biden’s 8 million vote victory over Donald Trump was the result of fraud. Specifically, she emphasized the Dominion Voting Systems machines. Dominion Voting Systems then filed a defamation lawsuit

Gun Violence Solution

After two mass murder shootings in less than a week, South Carolina senator Tom Corbin has a solution to gun violence.  Draft everyone over 17 as a member of a militia. South Carolina’s constitution allows the governor to draft an “unorganized militia” of any “able bodied male citizens” between ages 18 and 45.  State law

Penalty Enforcement or Falsification

Falsification Block Club Chicago reported a Chicago nursing home inspector didn’t show up to facilities for at least a year and falsified dozens of inspection reports. An “elder protective investigator” never showed up at those facilities. Instead he filed fake visit reports according to an investigation from Inspector General’s office. “The Chicago Department of Family

CMS Sanctions Neglect

Becker’s Hospital CFO Report stated that CMS will cut Medicare payments to 774 hospitals in 2021.  These hospitals had the highest rates of avoidable/preventable injuries and infections. Five things to know: 1. The Hospital-Acquired Conditions Reduction Program prevents harm to patients by providing a financial incentive for hospitals to prevent hospital-acquired conditions. A hospital’s total score


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