Stop sh*t talking America

“We’re producing more energy than ever before in this nation. We have the strongest economy in the world, and we are beating China for the first time in decades. More people went to work this morning in America than at any other time in our nation’s history. So I’ve got a message to Donald Trump

Class Action Filed

WTOP reported a class action lawsuit against the Maryland Department of Health for allowing 181 facilities to go more than 16 months without the annual inspection reports.  The late reports show  a pattern of abuse, neglect, and low-quality care for residents. The complaints and inspections left undone leave residents helpless to harmful abuse and neglect. One

AARP Supports Safe Staffing

AARP is a senior advocacy group that has pressured Congress to move forward with the “long overdue nursing home staffing mandate.” The group has vowed to resist any measures to overturn safe staffing. The minimum safe staffing level in facilities helps meet the safety needs of the residents and protect the residents’ rights. AARP opposes

Trump’s Debate Lies

Trump made more than 30 false claims at the Thursday debate. They included numerous claims that CNN and others have already debunked during the current presidential campaign or prior. Trump’s repeat falsehoods included his assertions that some Democratic-led states allow babies to be executed after birth. Clearly not true, and disgusting. Trump claimed that every legal scholar

Verdict in Assisted Living

CBS12 reported on the tragic case of Kathleen Menard. Harbor Place assisted living facility accepted her as a resident. In July 2017, the Facility allowed the 97 year old vulnerable adult to ambulate without supervision or assistance in an outside courtyard. Menard slipped off her motorized scooter, lying in the extreme Florida heat. A visitor


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