4.1 Hours Per Patient Day

The Biden Administration will implement a minimum staffing mandate by March of 2023.  Direct nursing care is the aggregate time provided by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants. CMS, in a report issued to Congress back in 2001, recommended a daily minimum standard of 4.1 hours of total direct care nursing time

Public Safety Officer Support Act

“The Justice Department welcomes the passage of the Public Safety Officer Support Act of 2022, which will enable us to provide support to the families of fallen officers who have died by suicide and to officers who have suffered debilitating trauma-related mental health injuries.” The Biden Administration passed the bipartisan Public Safety Officer Support Act.

South Carolina Reproductive Rights

A Republican-led House panel advanced legislation that would outlaw nearly all abortions in South Carolina. Rape and incest exceptions are not included. More legislation to prohibit contraception, restrict assisted reproductive treatment, like in vitro fertilization, and and restrict interstate travel for health care is next up.

Profit Over People

Frontline caregivers accuse nursing home of saving millions by keeping staff below safe levels. Happens all the time unfortunately.

Private Equity

Fierce Healthcare reported a well-known truth: Greed kills. Nursing homes owned and operated by vulture capitalists provide inadequate staff causing abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults nationwide. Residents at PE-acquired nursing homes also generate higher Medicare costs for more profit. Apologists claim that the industry needs private equity capital to operate facilities but that is

Custom or Standardized?

Custom service meets the clinical needs of the residents. Standard systems help efficiency and financial performance. Makes sense. University of South Florida researchers issued an interesting study. Kong is the principal investigator for the study, “Service Chains’ Operational Strategies: Standardization or Customization? Evidence from the Nursing Home Industry.” The Manufacturing & Service Operations Management published

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