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“Reliable Income Streams”

The Des Moines Register had a great article on the new GAO Report mentioned in my earlier post.  Private investment firms have been buying up nursing homes in recent years, creating a complicated trail that makes ownership difficult to pinpoint. This lack of transparency makes it difficult to know who is ultimately responsible for care

“Special Focus Facilities”

The AP had an article about the federal program that identifies problem nursing homes.  The program brings extra scrutiny to poorly performing nursing homes but leaves out hundreds of troubled facilities, investigators report.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services identifies up to 136 nursing homes as “special focus facilities” subject to more frequent inspections because of

Cornell University study on aggression in nursing homes

A recent Cornell University study reports aggression is commonplace in nursing homes–between residents themselves and between residents and employees of the nursing home.  Verbal and physical abuse is more common than the industry acknowledges. In an online report with McKnight’s Long Term Care News, the study documents many observations made at a city-based nursing home


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