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“Reasonable and Necessary”

The Houston Chronicle had a recent editorial about the two-part investigative series authored by Terri Langford about “unscrupulous operators who make millions of Medicare dollars exploiting the most vulnerable of our local residents through private ambulances and for-profit psychiatric clinics – with both scams feeding off each other.”  Below is part of the editorial: Medicare, and American taxpayers,

“Reliable Income Streams”

The Des Moines Register had a great article on the new GAO Report mentioned in my earlier post.  Private investment firms have been buying up nursing homes in recent years, creating a complicated trail that makes ownership difficult to pinpoint. This lack of transparency makes it difficult to know who is ultimately responsible for care

Studies continue regarding quality of care in nursing homes

Studies show a significant decline in quality of nursing home care for blacks compared to whites. Elderly black Americans in nursing homes get worse care than that enjoyed by their white counterparts.  “If you’re black, you’re much more likely to get your care in a nursing home that’s not so good, relative to nursing homes that

Study shows nursing homes are one of elderly’s biggest fears

Spectrum News has an article discussing a study that shows elderly citizens to fear nursing homes and loss of independence more than death. 89% of America’s seniors want to age-in-place and are willing to use adaptive technology allowing them to maintain their independence, according to a study commissioned by Clarity and the EAR Foundation. The

Nursing homes are VERY profitable

I do not understand how nursing homes continue to say that they can’t make any money taking care of their residents.  The corporate executives of Manor Care will get more than $200 million for their sale to the Carlyle Group. The head of America’s biggest nursing-home company is about to get intensive financial treatment. Chief


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