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Importance and necessity of documenting care is emphasized

Inevitably in most of our nrsing home cases, numerous documents that are intended to show the care, treatment, and services provided to the resident are missing, lost, or never done by the staff.  This occurs because the care was not provided or understaffing caused the staff not to have time to document or poorly trained

Profits grow as quality of care declines

Here is an article showing how profitable the nursing home industry actually is while the insurance companies are requesting immunity and protection from their neglect and abuse. Robust Financial Standing Of California Nursing Homes Observed Amid Slump In Quality Care Vittorio Hernandez – AHN News Writer A study released Tuesday reported growing profitability of the

Studies continue regarding quality of care in nursing homes

Studies show a significant decline in quality of nursing home care for blacks compared to whites. Elderly black Americans in nursing homes get worse care than that enjoyed by their white counterparts.  “If you’re black, you’re much more likely to get your care in a nursing home that’s not so good, relative to nursing homes that

Quality Assurance case

Boone Retirement Center, Inc. v. Hamilton, 946 SW 2d. 740( MO. 1997) as standing for the proposition that quality assurance records are not discoverable in a civil case such as the case at bar. The Defendant’s interpretation of Boone is incorrect. In Boone, the State of Missouri Division on Aging conducted inspections of Boone Retirement


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