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Chamber of Commerce spends millions trying to take away citizen’s right to a jury trial

Thomas J. Donohue, the head of the US Chamber of Commerce congratulated a group of executives, lobbyists and insurance lawyers to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform.  But it is still too early to declare an end to the so-called tort wars, a decades-old propaganda movement to protect coporations and the

NEJM Editor discusses the improtance of tort actions

A leading drug company may be poised to win a landmark legal victory next fall. If the drug manufacturer, Wyeth, prevails in a case soon to be argued before the U.S. Supreme Court (Wyeth v. Levine),1 drug companies could effectively be immunized against state-level tort litigation if their products that have been approved by the

Caps on damages found to be unconstitutional

The Atlanta Journal constitution wrote a story about a Georgia Judge finding tort reform caps to be unconstitutional.  The cap on monetary awards in a medical malpractice case was found to be unconstitutional. Superior Court Judge Marvin Arrington wrote in an order that the legislative cap of $350,000 for noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering

Profits grow as quality of care declines

Here is an article showing how profitable the nursing home industry actually is while the insurance companies are requesting immunity and protection from their neglect and abuse. Robust Financial Standing Of California Nursing Homes Observed Amid Slump In Quality Care Vittorio Hernandez – AHN News Writer A study released Tuesday reported growing profitability of the

Tort Reform Myth Debunked

Insurance companies, the Chamber of Commerce, and the American Medical Association attempt to advance tort reform (i.e immunity for their members) by making up frivolous cases and trying to convince juries that doctors are fleeing states without caps on damages for victims of negligence and abuse. However, new information based on the AMA’s own data on the


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