Young residents’ screams for help go unanswered resulting in her death

Alabama NewsChannell 19 had a horrendous story of neglect on their website.  NewsChannel 19’s Carson Clark reported that a Marshall County Nursing Home is in trouble with state and federal officials after a patient died there. A doctor says the Golden Living Center in Boaz allowed a young woman to scream for help for more than six hours, before finding her dead.

The patient, 20-year-old Felicia Ann Engle of Boaz, suffered from kidney disease. She had to be placed in Golden Living because her father was no longer capable of taking care of her needs.

According to state records obtained by NewsChannel 19, Engle began to yell for help around 3:00 p.m. on April 3, 2008. The records quote nurses at the facility, with one saying Felicia was, “…begging us to call her doctor that something was really wrong this time. She was hurting so bad it was unbearable.”

The nurse tells investigators she went to another nurse to tell her of Engle’s request. The nurse reportedly replied, “Yes, we know, we’ve heard all about it four times at least.”

NewsChannel 19 contacted Dr. Tom Geary with the Alabama Department of Public Health in Montgomery. He says the way in which Engle was treated violates the law.

“If the patient requests to go to the hospital, [if] they say something is wrong, I need to go to the emergency room, they are supposed to take them to the emergency room. They are not supposed to make a judgment that the person is just trying to disrupt the normal services in the facility, close the door and leave them alone,” he says.

The director of Golden Living, Kevin Cogan, refused an on-camera interview and asked NewsChannel 19 to leave the property when they visited.