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Half of elderly falls result in brain injury and death

The Washington Post had a recent article about how falls in the elderly lead to death caused by brain injuries.  This is why it is so critical for nursing homes to have sufficient staff to supervise resdients, prevent falls, and have a fall prevention program.  Below are excerpts of the article. The elderly fear breaking

Sedatives increase risk of falls in elderly

Journal of Clinical Nursing has an article about a recent study linking the use of sleeping pills containing benzodiazepines to increase falls in nursing homes. Older patients taking benzodiazepines were 2.9 times more likely to fall   Obviously, patients who fall suffer severe injuries.   Some older patients have impaired cognitive function or limited functional ability and physical

Nursing home covers up fracture caused by improper transfer

Here is another article about a nursing home’s failure to prevent a resident from falling and then failing to intervene or inform the family. The family was never told that their 60-year-old mother had broken both legs in a fall and died of complications.  Eventually,  the family discovered the horrific details. Their mother, Linda Ober, had

Improper transfer causes resident’s death

I read an article today about the death of a resident caused by the improper transfer by the nursing home staff.  Falls are always so dificult for the elderly to survive.  the injuries cause by falls can lead to immobility, pain, and demntia.  Preventing falls should be a high priority but often isn’t.  Training and

Top violations in nursing homes

Violations of “accident hazards” were the most frequently cited survey flaw across the nation in September, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. These hazards typically cause falls and injuries to occur.  The agency said 35.2% of the facilities cited were written up for F-tag 323. Next on the list was a frequent

Hip fractures

Hip Fractures Among Older Adults More than 95% of hip fractures among adults ages 65 and older are caused by falls (Grisso et al. 1991). These injuries can cause severe health problems and lead to reduced quality of life and premature death (Wolinsky et al. 1997; Hall et al. 2000). How big is the problem?


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