Improper transfer causes resident’s death

I read an article today about the death of a resident caused by the improper transfer by the nursing home staff.  Falls are always so dificult for the elderly to survive.  the injuries cause by falls can lead to immobility, pain, and demntia.  Preventing falls should be a high priority but often isn’t.  Training and staffing are lacking in this area.

A Pennsylvania Coroner concluded a nursing home resident’s death was caused by injuries she suffered after being dropped by staff from a mechanical lift.    Judith Bilger was dropped Aug. 9 and died three days later at the Laurel Crest Rehabilitation & Special Care Center.

Coroner Dennis Kwiatkowski says the 64-year-old woman died from internal injuries caused in the fall.   Among other things, she broke ribs and developed pneumonia from a lung contusion.

Proper staffing and education on proper use of mechanical lifts could have prevented the above incident and prevented this woman’s death.