Settlement in Rape Case

The Seattle Times reported Foss Home and Village nursing home agreed to compensate a sexually abused resident. The facility will pay $8 million to a victim of sexual assault while in the facility’s care. The resident alleged the facility was careless in its hiring of a sexual predator. The facility failed to provide care to vulnerable clients in a reasonable, safe and prudent manner.

The resident, a woman in her 50s with multiple sclerosis, communicated the sexual assaults to relatives. The family decided to place a hidden camera in her room. The video captured a male employee repeatedly raping the resident. Prosecutors charged Nshimiyiana Hamzat with rape and indecent liberties.

Independent investigation by the Department of Social and Health Services’ Adult Protective Services, Seattle Police Department and Foss all concluded that the abuse occurred. As a nursing home lawyer for over 25 years, this type of incident happens more often than reported.

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