Abuse of Power

Caregivers have a lot of control and power over our loved ones. We expect them to be caring, competent, and conscious. Selling or stealing narcotics, opioids, and other medication is an abuse of power.

Dangerous Opioids

Fox4KC reported an investigation into heroin overdoses at a nursing home in St. Louis. Police discovered a nurse supplied heroin to resident. The dangerous opioid led to their overdose. The nurse works at the nursing home. The nursing home is Crystal Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center.

Officer Steve Michael, a spokesperson for the Florissant Police Department, said the two patients had to be revived with NARCAN.

“It is very concerning there’s someone in a health care profession that really is not there to help. They’re hurting people that are trying to get better,” Michael said.

Drug Testing

Police accuse Ashley Marconi of illegal processing of drug documents by knowingly making false statements in a prescription order or report. She also altered or changed drugs that were meant for patients. Marconi claims back pain with prescribed narcotics between 2014 and 2019.

Fox19 reported that another nurse stole drugs from five different residents at Judson Care Center in Fairmount. In January 2021, Marconi admitted to showing impaired-like behavior. She admitted multiple medication discrepancies during her shift at Judson Care Center. She blames that on poor medication and documentation practices at the facility.

However, Court documents show the allegations date back to 2018. In January 2019, Marconi diverted drugs from two patients during a night at Miller Farm Place. The document shows she admitted to engaging in drug-seeking behaviors in early 2019. She then went to rehab.

Marconi says she and her attorney have evidence that will prove her innocence in court. She claims no abuse of power occurred.

Many health care providers suffer with chronic pain and opioid addiction.  Diversion of narcotic medications is a major issue. Addiction affects the quality of care in nursing homes everyday.  These caregivers need help.