Nursing home loses funding because of neglect

Here is an article about a nursing home in Arizona losing its Medicare and Medicaid funding because of patient neglect.   This action is the only one the multi-chain corporation understand.  Government oversight must be increased and serious consequences of neglect must be felt by the corporations.

Some Evergreen Foothills Health and Rehabilitation Center residents would have to be relocated to a facility capable of providing good care. The state is working to move those patients.

Arizona Department of Health Services records paint a disturbing picture. Problems cited include: failing to investigate injuries to rule out abuse; failing to provide regular catheter cleansing for one patient; and failing to notice when one patient had three broken ribs.

Evergreen’s corporate defense attorney stressed that, although Medicare and Medicaid funding will officially be cut next month, the state is allowing the center to remain open for now.  I am sure that is a relief to the neglected residents who remain.