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Nursing Home Lawyer Spartanburg, SCSeeing a senior loved one with unexplained bruising, emotional outbursts, odd bruising, or witnessing other signs that something is wrong can be terrifying for family members. If you are concerned that abuse is happening to your loved one while he or she is living in a nursing home facility, taking action right away is the key to protecting them from further harm. When in doubt, please contact an experienced Spartanburg, South Carolina nursing home lawyer from Poliakoff & Associates, P.A. to explore your legal options. It is far better to seek legal guidance and ultimately choose not to take legal action than it is to not act at all and continue to risk harm to your loved one.

What warning signs could mean my senior relative is being abused?

Abuse can take on many forms. Your senior relative could be suffering from sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, and/or emotional abuse. Seniors are at an increased risk for abuse. This can be especially true for patients who cannot talk or have cognitive disabilities. If you are the one to see any of these warning signs, know that you can be the one to end it if you take legal action quickly with the assistance of a Spartanburg, SC nursing home lawyer.

As a family member, what can I do about the nursing home abuse?

Both residents and families suffer when nursing home abuse occurs. The victim could have sustained serious physical and emotional injuries in which medical care is needed. Family members may respond with anguish and anger over realizing that their loved one endured fear, physical pain, and emotional turbulence because a staff member had been abusive.

In severe cases, a senior resident may have fallen so ill that he or she passed away due to the mistreatment. Family members can take action on behalf of the resident, by meeting with a Spartanburg, SC nursing home lawyer about filing a wrongful death lawsuit as soon as possible.

How can I prepare for a nursing home abuse lawsuit?

An experienced Spartanburg, SC nursing home lawyer who understands the sensitive nature of nursing home abuse cases, can help collect documents, witness statements, expert testimony, and other types of proof as a way to strengthen your case. The staff who abused your family member can be held accountable for their actions through a lawsuit against them directly and/or facility as a whole.

To preserve your legal options, it is important to gather as much evidence as you can before the facility knows what is happening. This is to prevent the facility from attempting to cover its tracks by destroying logs, medical examinations, and any other documents that have information about the abuse injuries.

If I see the abuse happen or my loved one looks severely ill, what should I do?

Call 911 immediately if you witness the abuse happening and/or your loved one looks gravely ill. Notify the facility so they can provide medical care until the ambulance arrives. Be sure to remain with your loved one to prevent further mistreatment until law enforcement arrives. Take photographs of any visible injuries you see, such as broken bones, bruises, bleeding, cuts, etc. After your loved one is safe and stable, contact a Spartanburg, SC nursing home lawyer for assistance with next steps.



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