Genesis Turnover

Corporate Turnover

National for-profit giant Genesis Healthcare needs a new chief executive officer. Genesis announced Harry Wilson will end his tenure as CEO after just seven months. The company said Wilson has “swiftly put forth a strong restructuring plan” and the board has overseen its “successful initial implementation.”

Wilson’s only public comments came when Genesis, the country’s largest skilled nursing provider, announced a vaccine mandate for its 40,000 employees. The company later said it had reached 100% coverage, but did not disclose how many employees quit.

Genesis hired Wilson in March. Wilson and his consulting firm (MAEVA Group) will stop today. He lasted more than most of their CNAs.

This will be Genesis’ third time hiring for the role after longtime CEO George V. Hager Jr. retired. Genesis Healthcare will replace its corporate leadership team and change its operational model.

Leaving are: Chief Operating Officer Paul Bach; Chief Nursing Officer JoAnne Reifsnyder; and Chief Financial Officer Tom DiVittorio. Bach and Reifsnyder will depart Dec. 1, 2021, while DiVittorio will remain on board through January.

New Leadership

Melissa Powell will assume the position of chief operating officer. She used to work for Allure.

Orrin Feingold, CFA, joins Genesis as the new chief financial officer. Feingold was previously CFO for ComplexCare Solutions.

Susan Overton will assume the role of general counsel.  She is current senior vice president-deputy general counsel  for risk and litigation.

David Harrington is the company’s executive board chairman. He said in a statement:

“We are excited to move Genesis to the market-focused model. I have spent much of my career building this framework and have successfully utilized this strategy to drive performance within other organizations. The company’s new and existing leadership will continue to move aggressively to drive improvement and results.”

Under the market-focused model, each center will be supported by a specific market team whose sole purpose is to help the center succeed in better serving residents and patients and driving improvements,” Genesis said.